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Apple Cider Vinegar
  • FoxysMumFoxysMum
    Posts: 92
    I've read that vinegar is a natural flea and tick repellant. Both my dogs take Bravecto and the vet says I can't apply Frontline too. I spray them with the vinegar and water mix before we go out in the morning and then in the evening I spray again and brush through -not only for the pests; but also to sanitize them from all the stuff they get in all day. I put a little in a bowl of water and some puppy shampoo and also use it to clean their paws. My husband thinks its overkill and that I shouldn't be applying everyday. I feel that since they are all over the couches and beds, its necessary. Since its natural and non toxic, shouldn't this be ok?
  • KyukonKyukon
    Posts: 5
    My mother has used this in her household before. She has a yorkie, my brother has a pitbull, & I had my husky there as well. Since its nearly impossible for me to kill all of the fleas on my husky without medication, he caused an infestation. luckily we put him on trifexis soon after, but the other dogs were suffering. We used apple cider vinegar & mixed a little lavender essential oil on it & spread the beds & rugs with it, but not the dogs. We used spot treatment the best we could on them, then bathed them in original dawn dish soap & then regular dog shampoo. It worked fairly well & we noticed no adverse side effects, other than the smell. From what I understand, fleas breathe through their feet so because of the density of the vinegar, they suffocated. we've also mixed dawn dish soap & rubbing alcohol for spot treatment, but be careful because I would imagine this would dry the dog's skin out.
  • lauratheroselauratherose
    Posts: 259
    My vet just recommended the Bravecto to us. I really haven't heard much about it and the reviews I've found on it seems to be mixed. What are your thoughts on it? Have you noticed any adverse side effects? It looks like it's relatively new. Why can't you apply the Frontline as well?
  • @Lauratherose

    When my vet said bravecto, I started searching for another vet.

    My dog is on a raw diet and I take MUCH more care of what goes into his body than I do mine (I had a sleeve of girl scout cookies, ice cream, and a bagel for dinner. Banjo had organic rabbit). To that end....

    Ingesting a chemical that gets digested and then circulated through the blood stream with enough potency to kill and repel insects sounds like a nightmare on the dog's kidney and liver. I mean would you take an oral insect repellant before going on a hike?

    The whole idea of introducing a chemical into his body (as opposed to on his body) that is strong enough to kill and repel ticks is something I can't get my arms around. I wouldn't use bravecto on those grounds alone.

  • JuniJuni
    Posts: 1269
    Someone posted an FDA report on Bravecto on Facebook, I'll see if I can find it again. In adult dogs there weren't really any side effects (in those studies) but puppies born from females treated with Bravecto had enlarged organs.

    I am still on the fence about treating Juni, we never use anything on her and it is quite easy to discover ticks on her white fur. But a few do bite her every year and I worry about Lyme's disease which is quite prevalent here.

    Juni's niece had something like a seizure last year which seemed to be caused by Frontline so I'm certainly not using that.
  • You are in Sweden right? Can you get wondercide? That's what I am using but the raw group I am in on Facebook has plenty of essential oils which can be used as tick repellant. Completely safe and natural. It's a daily applicant so it's annoying. I use it every few days but before and after hiking.
  • JuniJuni
    Posts: 1269
    Had to Google wondercide, and no I've never seen it here in Sweden. There are some other natural products here but they are quite smelly which bothers both Juni and us.
  • DianaBostonDianaBoston
    Posts: 254
    The woman who takes care of Dakota when we go away, recommended Bravecto -- which she said her vet spoke highly of. Just don't know if I want her to ingest such a thing. We have been using FrontLine Plus for years, with excellent results, and no ill effects at all. I know that Bravecto is fairly new (last 2 years or so) and wonder if anyone had any updated data on it at all. So hard to know what to do -- especially since this flea season is supposed to be bad because of the mild NE winter.
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  • JuniJuni
    Posts: 1269
    Yeah I' m still considering Bravecto. Some say only side effect is a bit of stomach upset, but the new rumour on facebook talks of liver damage, but I haven't been able to find out more.

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