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crazy cat scratch spot
  • imspiritbimspiritb
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    Ive tried looking for this topic, but found nothing. (also wasn't sure at what category to put in)

    Anyone else's shiba have what I call the "crazy cat spot"?
    Katsu loves getting rubs, has the usual favorite, melt in your hands, spots near the back of his neck. But at the base of his tail, just like a cat, if you scratch there, he goes nuts. Flaying his head back and forth, making sharky faces and nipping at air. He loves it tho!
  • Mine does that too in the exact same spot.
  • Both my Shiba and my Lab are like that (all my Labs have been like that, but my previous Shiba not so much). The Lab will plop his butt down at your feet so you can give him what we call a "butt rub" whenever we are sitting down lol.
  • Kira_KiraKira_Kira
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    Booty rubbies are a Kira favorite! It sounds kinda naughty so I love calling it that! ;)
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  • thomas2388thomas2388
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    Ahri has one right below her arm pits...
    I havent found one on Kiba, I really want to find one cause everytime i try and make him really happy he is just so serious haha
  • Kota LOVES being rubbed at the base of his tail- that one is his favorite. His two other aces are behind his ears and his shoulder blades. You can literally watch him face smile and the rest of his body just melts when you start scratching those three places.
  • FrillfaceFrillface
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    Denso loves his butt scratched! He lifts it like a cat :)