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Running around the house and not letting us catch her
  • Our Shiba got a little bit better comparing to the first few weeks that we got her, it means that she is not scared of us, and not hiding anymore, but still she is giving us a hard time IN the house! She is perfect outside, perfect on leash and walking right next to us, but the minute we get home she runs around the house and going upstairs and downstairs continuously (which makes my cat crazy :)) and when its time for food, we need to put her in her crate (otherwise she won't eat) she will not stop running around and we have to chase her for minutes until we corner her somewhere. She does not respond to recall in the house, but she does when we are outside. she likes her crate and she sleeps in it when we leave the house, but for some reason (being a Shiba) she does not like us make her do something. it is very frustrating because sometimes I feel like she hates me and trying to run away from me, but then I see her coming close to me wherever I go.
    I appreciate any suggestion how to make her settle, also she is not food motivated, and there are very few things that she likes as treat (like feta cheese!), and she only eats the treat when she is relaxed, so we train her on different things only by praising her.
  • RooneyRooney
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    It sounds like she's pretty young still. Have you thought about getting her an pen to play in? You could set it up near where you'll be hanging out and it would limit her run around space and time/effort to catch her.

    My shiba is almost 3 y/o, but I still limit his access to areas I'm not in. For instance, I have a gate just outside my bedroom, at the bottom of the 2nd floor stairs and at the top of the finished basement stairs. During the day, Rooney has full run of the 1st floor, but he only gets to go in the finished basement at night when I'm home and he only gets to go upstairs when it's time for bed. Having his space limited helps when it's time to go outside or for him to eat. Any way, long explaination for a simple suggestion that you dominate her options.
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  • Kira_KiraKira_Kira
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    Shibas are notorious for playing "Keep Away" and she may just think it's a game. Start working on training her to come to you when you call her name, reward with a treat that she really likes. Recall training will help, use it inside and outside. She will come around, just remember that she's young and might just be playful.

    Changing your mindset may change how she reacts to you as well. Dogs pick up on our emotions if we are frustrated and stressed and it sometimes causes them to react accordingly.
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  • NikkitineNikkitine
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    Tali is a brat when it comes to playing keep away, especially when she sees the harness.. She gets rewarded heavily every time yet she still hates it =/ It's not even a game for her either, she just cowers at the sight of it D:
  • koyukikoyuki
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    You chase her and she runs- stop chasing her, then the game stops. Kenji and Suma play this game every single time they want to go outside or come inside. They can be at the back door banging on it to go out, then when I open it they start playing chasey with me. Same when they are ready to come inside for bed- I open the door and even if they have been on the other side getting so excited to come in, they will run just out of my reach to play chasey. I ignore them completely now, if I chase them being impatient it takes a lot longer to get them in/out. So I sit down and ignore them and pretend I'm playing with something super interesting and because my two want everything everyone has got, they relent and come to investigate. Then I treat them, pick them up and take them inside.
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  • Thanks for suggestions, I try to ignore her and not chasing her and then praise if she comes, let see how it goes:)
  • AntoinetteAntoinette
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    Shinas love to play "catch me if you can"!! When I get out the harness, Quake immediately runs and wants to make a game out of it. I do not chase him at all. I either put the harnass next to the door and go about my business at which point he comes and stands next to the harnass waiting for me to put it on him; or I go into the kitchen and say "Quakey come sit for a treat" and he comes running and I get the harness, have him sit and give him the treat.
  • zeketazzeketaz
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    I teach all my dogs a special word when it is time to go in their crate. I use "home" if I need my shiba to go in her crate. She likes to beg the kids for table scraps and she knows better so if I see her begging I tell her to go home and she goes in her crate.

    Pick a word and start saying it every time she goes in her crate praise her when she enters the crate.
  • Koji's momKoji's mom
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    Stop chasing - as was said...It's a really really fun game for Shiba's to be chased!

    It's even more fun if they can get you excited and worked up over it!! Does she happen to have a Goofy grin on her face as she looks over her shoulder at the silly humans chasing her??

    If she's young/puppy even more fun for her...Don't chase unless you want her to run-

    PS. Please don't get angry with her for having fun, just calmly change your behavior...She's just being a Shiba/dog.
  • Kiba loves doing same thing. As soon as I let him out of kennel he darts and goes up stairs of course i go after him just to make sure he isnt a beeline to pee or something lol. Normally though, once i call his name he will be at the top of the stairs and just poke his head out and just stare at me with a grin so i can come chase him.
  • DianaBostonDianaBoston
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    Always a chase with Dakota to get her harness on to go out. So, of course I have tried not chasing, but that does not work. She will gladly go upstairs to her crate to go to bed without having done her night pee (I'm scared of UTIs). I can't do that, and do not want her going out only on HER schedule, so do the living room chase each time. I have tried everything. Everything. Nothing works but the chase game. So be it.
  • Koji's momKoji's mom
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    Koji likes me to pursue him for walks/leash too -

    I have different approaches depending on my mood..One if I am in a good mood and patient is the "slow walk" chase or stalking him...I follow him but at a normal walking pace - it's hilarious - he gets a little weirded out and finally allows me to clip on his leash...I walk emotionless like a zombie and it takes fun out for him after a bit...

    Sometimes i crouch down on the ground and scratch at an imaginary thing on the floor/ground and act like I'm fascinated by something, he usually gets curious and will come see what I'm looking at....

    Of course being Shiba not everything works every time...Endless mind games back and forth...
  • Update- We stopped chasing her and it got better but Still she runs around few times before she comes to the door to go out. I think she improves on some stuff and then get worse on some other things to make it even :))) 6 months ago she was so calm at Vet and now we have a hard time there.
  • My Kobie does that! We usually give him a 15-20 minute training every night since his first week at home (8weeks), but if we don't do it before bed time, he wouldn't stop running around, under our bed, zooming through the kitchen, etc. I guess he thinks it's his play time. When we come home, he does run around for a bit and doesn't let us catch or pet him. What I did was, I stepped away, ignored him, now he learnt that if he keeps running, he'll get no love. It worked! He's 5 months old now and understands what I said. Usually if I tell him "mama is not happy" then he would sort of stop and stare at me! haha.

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