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Obsessive Digging?
  • I hope this hasn't been posted already, because I searched it and found nothing.

    So, recently Haku has started going to the bedroom door of our roommate and digging at the carpet. He is starting to pull it up and we can't afford another carpet fix. He's just so fixated on it and it's so random I'm not sure what to do. I tried distracting him with other toys, treats, and my attention, and he goes right back to the spot. Any advice would be helpful!
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    @Jennyjenjen - A quick search yielded two excellent results. Please remember to use Google to search the forum. All I did was type in "digging" and they popped right up. There is a yellow banner at the top of the forum that describes how to search using Google.

    Please read through those and if you still have questions/comments, please post in the most relevant thread.
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