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Sudden Anxiety in 2 y/o Shiba
  • Hey everyone,
    Just to give a little back story, my (almost) 2 year old shiba Sui was well socialized and had no obvious fears other than her least favorite activity: nail trimming. She always seemed to love her walks during the day, and loved to explore new areas. However, this all changed last week. During one windy day, we went to the park and all of a sudden Sui went crazy at her tail/butt area, snapping and chewing at it in a very intense manner, as if something was stuck on her. She suddenly started pulling with all her might towards home, trying to get out of there as fast as she could. I picked her up and felt she was very clearly shaking. Ever since this event, she seems extremely focused on her tail/butt area as if something is wrong with it. I've brushed the area, and inspected for any visible bugs/wounds and found nothing. Now she is afraid to go outside, she absolutely hates walks, and won't even leave the doorstep of the patio in the fenced in backyard when i let her out to run. I literally have to pull her on the walks, and she really puts up a fight. I've had her checked up at the vet recently and she is in good health.

    I'm really starting to feel bad for her, because she gets so anxious every time we go outside now.

    P.S - inside the house she is mostly her normal self, running around to play as usual.
  • Do her anal glands need to be expressed?

    This sounds like its worth a vet visit.

  • BootzBootz
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    ^ agreed with Banjo. I think her anal glands need to be expressed. Definitely take Her to the vet and have them check it out. Just a month ago my shiba ruptured her anal gland and needed a procedure done to fix it...cost me $500. She too showed symptoms of nipping/going crazy on her butt like something bit it, two nights before.

    I didn't Rush her to the vet because my husband thought he saw a bite mark... :(