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new issue with my shiba inu and what the vet told me to do
  • minnlinminnlin
    Posts: 13
    so my dog started developing a rash, ended up being mange. he gave me a cream to put on my shiba and I placed it on like the vet said, as days went on my always happy shiba started to lower his tail, i walked with him every day and he used to be the one happy to be in front but he started just walking next to me. I asked the doctor and he said he should be fine. kept applying the medication and my dog didn't like having me place the cream on him. today when I went to take his harness off he growled at me like warning me of biting... does the vet even know what he is doing?
  • BootzBootz
    Posts: 3495
    If you are questioning your vet, then take your shiba in for a second opinion with a different vet.

    We aren't licensed, nor do we know what is going on with your shiba. So your best bet is to take your shiba into a second vet and ask their opinion.

    Maybe your shiba was having a bad day and you approached your shiba wrong? We can't tell as you are the only one there, and maybe missed his subtle signs.
  • lindsaytlindsayt
    Posts: 4785
    He's probably being dramatic from you putting this stuff on him. The Vet has no responsibility there...he obviously needs the medication (Goodwinol?) which is safe for dogs, but he probably just doesn't like how it feels on him.
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  • MagMag
    Posts: 31
    used the goodwinol ointment on Miki around her eyes but just changed to neosporin because my new vet said it will do just fine. She is using the Ivomec .5 everyday for 9 mos. she still has the demodectic mange and it took a few scraps to find. Im hoping we get this in check before she is two. I know she has a low immune system but not sure what she is missing. I feel bad that she is ALWAYS wiping her face /eyes and the fur is off in places
  • Please do not change medication without consulting -a- vet, be it this one or a different one. Mange can be difficult to treat. Is it sarcoptic or demodex? Neosporin might be indicated if there's a secondary infection, but it will not get rid of the mange, as it's generally a broad-spectrum antibiotic. Again, don't rely on the internet here. Go to your vet or a different one.
  • SlapshotSlapshot
    Posts: 11
    Agreed with the second opinion or even take her back to the same vet and discuss the issue.. As far as the growling, they are dogs that feel they are incharge. I am convinced that they are sure we are only around to carry their food bowl to the appropriate spot. Don't show fear and a stern warning should remind her that you are in-fact the boss.
  • Lrose1990Lrose1990
    Posts: 80
    I doubt it has anything to do with the dog wanting to be in charge. Dogs don't view humans as part of a pack and don't form a hierarchy with humans. They know we're not dogs.

    Also, don't punish a growl. A growl is a warning. Scolding a dog for warning you before biting can result in a dog that bites without warning. If your dog thinks "oh, they yelled at me when I growled," he'll skip that step.
  • minnlinminnlin
    Posts: 13
    sorry been moving to texas, it ended up to be a food allergy changed his food.

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