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Walking Advice
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    We have a four year old male Shiba and we are wondering if anyone has some suggestions for us. We walk him every morning before we go to work and when we return, except it's not that easy. We live in CT and next to a nature preserve. There are no sidewalks here and no lamps on the street.

    Since he doesn't really want to go in his backyard we are forced to walk him on the road which can be very dangerous. There are cars, ice when it's cold, etc. My fiancé also might have come into contact with a bat and had to get rabies vaccine as a precaution.

    We're wondering any other methods on how we can do this. We have half an acre and grass in our yard, which then goes to the nature preserve. Should we consider an electric fence? Peepee pads? We don't really want to build an actual fence as we would have to make it wood and look nice and the cost would be very high.

    We love going for long walks on weekends and nice weather, it's perfect. But we're trying to figure out an alternative for when we get this horrible winter weather or there's a storm, etc.

    Any ideas would be really appreciated and thanks!
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    There are loads of other threads on walking and fences, but to make your reading short, I am going to be blunt:

    Either build a wooden fence that is secure enough for your Shiba (but you will still need to take him for at least a walk a day outside of his yard) or continue to take him on multiple daily walks.

    Electric fences are cruel and do not usually work on high drive animals, plus they only help keep things IN, not other things OUT (therefore, can be very dangerous especially in rural areas).

    Potty pads only confuse dogs, plus they are very unsanitary.

    You can opt to walk your dog on a leash in your yard or the nature preserve as an alternative to a busy road.

    When you got a dog, you signed up for daily walks no matter the weather, so suck it up and take him out whether or not it is a nice day.

    For more information, please look at the other threads on fences, walks, etc. We do request that all members search for existing threads that address their concerns and post there instead of starting new threads. Since these are topics that have been addressed before, I am going to go ahead and close this thread. However, if you have further questions or want to continue the conversation, please do so in the most relevant existing thread. Thanks.
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