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Shiba Thru-Hikes the Appalachian Trail
  • So I've been living vicariously through dog-owners by joining a Facebook group called Hiking With Dogs. Today, a guy on there posted about hiking the Appalachian Trail (The trail that runs form Georgia to Maine) with a shiba! He posted a link to a contest he's entered to win some money to hike the Continental Divide Trail (New Mexico to Canada, I think?) with her next year: [mod edit: removed link] Scroll down to the bottom right above the vote button and there's an awesome 30 minute video of pictures and footage of the shiba on the trail!

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    I believe this owner is a member on the NHKF
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    @RandomWalker - All "vote for me" pleas, should be placed in the appropriate thread. I am going to remove the link and close this thread. Feel free to post in the appropriate thread if you would like to repost.
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