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How to perfect the "come/here" command
  • Hi all,
    I've had my shiba puppy going on 3 weeks now, and in that time we've taught her to sit, stay and come. She's got the first two down really well, however she's struggling with "come" or "here" when called. Yes, I know she's a puppy and I know it takes work and practice, which we will do -- but I also know that shibas are prone to pretending to not listening just because. :) any tips or suggestions for this particular command?

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  • At puppy class, there are three times when you should never use the command "here or come here" when training.

    The first is if you are calling your dog away from something that they are really enjoying. (If you are at the park and it's time to go, instead of calling your dog to come here, go and get him.)

    The second is to never call him to come to something he doesn't like. Don't call him to come, then give him a bath as a reward (unless your shiba likes baths).

    Lastly is when you cannot make it happen. (So if your dog is chasing a squirrel, and you ask him to come, if he's not on a leash, you cannot make it happen)

    Asking your dog to come in these situations teaches your dog that come = bad things happening or that come is an optional command.

    At puppy class, we practice come in groups. One person will have the leash, and I'll walk away. Then I'll ask my dog to come, if he comes, I'll reward and praise. If he doesn't come on his own, the person holding the leash will lead him to me, and then when he gets to me, I'll still reward him. At home, initially i'll only ask him to come if he is on a leash that I have in my hand or if I have something that he really wants. Then slowly I'll start asking him with a treat hidden, and rewarding him for coming when he doesn't see me with a treat in my hand.

    I ALWAYS reward him well when he comes to me when I ask him to. I want him to know that 'come' is not optional, and that he'll always get great things when he comes.

    Others might try different trainings with teaching their dogs to come, there should be more info in the Puppy Woes folder.
  • @justifiedgaines that is so helpful, thank you! I'll make sure to check the folder. Thanks for the great feedback. I'll try the leash/group training.
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    @Melissag89 - We do ask that members read through previous threads to find answers to common questions (such as training and recall). Please read through the existing threads and I am sure you will find some great advice. If you still have questions or want to continue the conversation, feel free to post in the most relevant thread.

    Since this is a duplicate topic, I am going to go ahead and close this thread (and change the category, since this is a training topic, not a general topic).

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