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posessive, obsessive or resource guarding?
  • I don't really know which category to put this under but Mei's behavior is kind of weird. She doesn't know how to give up.

    Mei loves stuff toys and just anything fluffy and would do anything to get it. Before I never see anything wrong with her being like that but recently my friend gave me a fluffy rabbit pencil case which Mei just has to get it. I had put it on my table when she saw it and now she has been waiting under it for almost 3 days now. After she saw it, I hid it on the shelf where she can't see it but she is still trying to smell it and won't give up.

    I really need some tips to stop her waiting for it. She has been constantly on high alert whenever I move towards my room, open the door or anything I do in the room. Even coming home from a walk, the first place she goes is to my room.
    Normally if I give a toy to her, she will bite it and lick it for 5 minute then loose interest. I don't want to give her this again because I think she thinks she owns everything.
  • Tali kind of does the same thing, albeit not as obsessively. She has quite a lot of toys, however there is one toy in particularly that I will not allow her to have which is my other dog, Pacman's, stuffed bear. It's his ONLY toy he's had for 6 years that he loves and has no interest in others. So it's his and his only. The fact that she knows that she can't have it, makes her THAT much more interested in it. She will literally wait until he leaves his crate and goes for the steal. Or when we all come home from work, she makes a mad dash for his crate right after I take the leash off her.

    I've since been teaching her the leave it command. If she shows an interest in it or goes after it, I give her the command and she's been pretty good about it. I also entice her a ton with yummy treats or another toy.

    I think with your Mei, she's much more interested in it just because she's never had it before nor has played with it. It's the cookie that she can never have, and that makes her obsess over it. Maybe you can bringing it down for her to smell it but not grab or play with it. Maybe get a really delicious treat to reward her for leaving it alone or give her a brand new, more enticing stuffed toy that you can get her really excited about while making that pencil case super boring.
  • Maybe put some bitter Apple on it so she immediately thinks it sucks and forgets about it?