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annoying neighbor, help!
  • Hi hopefully this thread hasn't been created since I couldn't find any. I just want advice or if I have any legal rights because I was walking my dog he is on a leash n walking on the curb right next to me he peed on the gutter not on someone's property or anything and all of a sudden this lady comes out telling me to pick up pee? And starts verbally harassing me she even said she was going to put something on her yard to poison my dog next time. Even if she is not serious I am very concerned I love my dog. I even told her that he didn't poop and if he did I showed her my baggies and said I will pick it up and I always do. But she kept going at it and told me not to walk on the side walk in front of her house ? This got me really upset.
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  • Um...... wow. I'd report her for threatening to injure you and your pet to the police. Someone else might have better insight.

    I'd also start carrying mace or a taser with me and hit her with it the next time she comes out with her threats (but I'm just really a defensive individual - if anybody threatened my dog, I'd stab them. Your state might have rules against using those and stabbing people, soooooo that might not be the best option - in fact don't take any advice from this second paragraph).

  • In most places, sidewalks are considered public property, as is the property adjacent to the street. The homeowners are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of that area, but it's still public property. I would carry a camera or cell phone and record her harassing and threatening you (if she does it again) and report her.
  • @kiba_bear-I agree with 2dogsandawolf and lauratherose in that you need to carry a cell phone and make a video of any threats to you or to your fur baby and report that to the police. I would also try to stay away from walking in front of that person's house since that person seems very irrational and mean spirited to say the least. I had a similar situation happen to me about a year ago while walking my little boy Quake. He had peed on the grassy part of the sidewalk opposite an apartment complex and a guy who claimed to live in that apartment building happened to be there and started yelling at me even though I showed him that Quake had not pooped there and I was carrying a poop bag with the poop from where Quake had pooped somewhere else. From then on I have avoided that part of the street. I don't blame you for being shaken up especially when the woman threatened to put poison out. I now carry pepper spray and would probably lose control if anyone tried to hurt my little boy Quake and would likely spray the person in self-defense. I would say be really careful and stay away from there.
  • tysaaantysaaan
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    Report it to the police. You never know, she could have a record for doing it in the past, and at least giving a heads up to police would be good in case something in the future happens as well.
  • sunyatasunyata
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    @kiba_bear - That sucks. It really does. And fortunately, the woman has zero legal ground to tell you where you can and can not walk your dog on public property (which, as has been pointed out, a sidewalk next to a public street is public property).

    That being said, people do illegal things, like threaten the life of a dog. There are a lot of crazies out there that sane people must deal with on a regular basis. It, unfortunately, is a part of life, especially if you live in a population dense area.

    You really have a couple of options:

    1) Stop walking by this woman's property. This is the easiest thing to do, especially if it is easy to avoid. (I have a crazy neighbour that yelled at my dogs for sniffing the joint in the cement where the public sidewalk meets her private walk... I seriously just looked at her like she was nuts -she is- and continued on our walk. Now, I just walk the dogs in the street for the 10 feet around her walkway, problem solved with minimal confrontation.)

    2) Continue to walk on the sidewalk and deal with her rants as long as they are only verbal and things do not escalate. This can get old after a while and your dog may start to react to her constant yelling.

    3) Go by there one day sans dog and attempt to have a rational conversation with her. It is possible she was having a bad day, was drunk, or is just plain a plain old grump. You may not want to do this alone, as it is possible that she is just bat shit crazy, too.

    Either way, I think it is important that you file a police report regarding the threat against your dog. It could be just the ranting of a crazy or irrational person, or it could be a legitimate threat against animals in the area. Having a report filed could be important if any neighbourhood dogs end up sick or dead.

    If you feel that your personal safety is affected, then report that as well. However, please keep in mind that harming someone else when there is no physical threat to you or your dog is illegal. Brandishing weapons is also illegal if there is no physical threat to your safety or well being.
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  • Thanks so much guys, I never experienced this and it got me so upset I guess all I can really do is to ignore :(
  • I think talking to her might be the most effective way to prevent this from happening again to some other person who happens to walk their dog by her house. She might be crazy, but she might also have someone else who lets their dog poop on her yard and they don't pick it up.

    Making friends with her can assure her that you are being responsible and she doesn't have to let that frustration out on you. If talking to her doesn't work, I would just change my walking route and honor her wishes not to see me or my dog.
  • Yes I tried talking to her but she wouldn't listen and today I walked my dog across the street from her house now and she's still screaming at me. I understand if my dog urinated in her fence or her steps but they didn't they peed on the curb and even if they did she has no right to threaten us. I wish I can do more than just ignoring.
  • NikkitineNikkitine
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    That really sucks =( So sorry that you're having to deal with this crazy individual. If you've already talked to her, then at this point I would just completely avoid her house. Definitely carry the cell phone with you to record her profanities and threats if she happens to come out again. Once you get that evidence, I'd try going to the police and see if they can tell her to stop being a b.
  • omgtainomgtain
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    The sidewalk and 3 feet off of it (varies by county/state though) is public property. Thats why fences arent all the way up against the sidewalk, cause the 3 feet might be needed to dig a ditch in the case of floods, or maintenance work, etc.

    Honestly.. I would just keep walking. not worth your time. they come out? they can yell and bitch all they want. They're just wasting their time and making a fool of themselves, sucks that they have to be so negative and hateful, especially over a dog taking a piss.
  • sunyatasunyata
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    @kiba_bear - I honestly would not "just" ignore it. I would file a police report about the threat, especially is she keeps threatening to harm your dog or you. That is a major issue that should not be ignored.

    But other than the threat, yes ignoring the yelling and just avoiding her property boundary is probably your safest bet.
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  • File a report with the police. It was a threat. Also, she doesn't own the sidewalk. It belongs to the city.
  • Kobe1468Kobe1468
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    If walking on the other side of the street still isn't helping, then yes, file a report. She is bat sh&t crazy. You will be doing the community a favor!

    I also wouldn't change my routine too much(other than walking on the opposite side). It's your neighbourhood as much as hers...don't let her dictate what you do.

    And please give her a nice big smile and wave(for me) next time you pass by!!!(j/k)
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  • tysaaantysaaan
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    Having a similar situation, one day I was letting Jibo out for a walk and after we got back a neighbor had knocked on our door. The lady said, "Did you let your dog poop on the grass out there?" to which I replied yes. Then she raised her eyebrows and said, "Do you know there's a $100 fine...?" Then I told her that I was 100% sure that I picked up his poop and offered to show her the bag in the garbage outside. Then just today I was walking Jibo when she passed by. She stops and walks super slowly, just staring at Jibo as if he was going to maul her.

    Gahh, can't wait to move.
  • What kills me is finding out how common this is.

    I live in an apartment complex. The community I'm In allows dogs, and that being the case, there are plenty of dog owners, out In the morning walking their dogs.

    Around 7 a.m. Sunday morning I'm walking past this woman's apartment, far enough away that she has to yell at me from the window 'if I had a house would you be this close?' thinking quickly I said 'yes, there is no sidewalk. And its dangerous to walk in the middle of the road'.

    She told me I was barbaric-ly rude. being the sarcastic person I am, I responded with 'I'm so sorry, I didn't know you weren't comfortable with close quarters living in an apartment community as you are. I grew up with a large family and when I signed my lease I realized I would be living in a community, not a house, so it doesn't bother me. I actually enjoy being around my neighbors. but we can see where we're not wanted. Come Sesame let's go we're not wanted here.'

    I avoid the left side of the apartments in my complex now. So I have to walk the opposite way (the long way around) to get to the park. Its a pain but if she had been crazy enough to threaten my dog (seriously shibas are the cutest! How can anyone not like them?!) I would call the police and the apartment community leader. Or the township and file a complaint.
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  • tysaaantysaaan
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    @Jericcadotcom - I had a very similar situation a few years ago! I was walking my other dog Cindelle at our apartments and she walked in the grass while I waited for her to go. She went towards a bush near a neighbors window was. Keep in mind Cindelle was a lhasa apso, very small, and the window was rather high, almost impossible to see her unless you were right by the window. The neighbor blurted out loud "Oh my god, there's a dog RIGHT by the window.." to which I replied "Sorry, I didn't know your window was allergic to dogs," and walked away.
  • tysaaan said:

    The neighbor blurted out loud "Oh my god, there's a dog RIGHT by the window.." to which I replied "Sorry, I didn't know your window was allergic to dogs," and walked away.

    Way too funny! I love the comeback
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    doin' their own thing since 300 BC.

    With a black button nose, little pricked ears and a curly tail, the Shiba enters the world knowing he is a superior being
  • RikkaRikka
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    Not related to poop, but definitely related to neighbors; there's a family that's about a five minute walk down my street and every once in awhile, their two small mutts will dash out of the house and instantly gravitate towards anyone with a dog. If they hear the jingling of tags, that's their queue to pester them.

    Because Sagan being leash-reactive, I've had to tell them "NO!" and if they're still insistant on bothering us, I have to physically put myself in front of him. They keep their distance if you show that you're not tolerating anything, but because of this instance happening so frequently (they bother other dogs as well!), I've been recording video and taking photos. The family is extremely neglectful and allow their dogs to roam around the neighborhood, off-leash, for up to hours because they leave their front door open.

    Needless to say, it makes walking around the neighborhood stressful sometimes.
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  • SayaSaya
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    @tysaaan unfortunately there is people like that who go nuts about dog poop..

    With being in neighborhood it could be any other dog pooping and sounds like she is blaming your dog since she saw it poop there guess she forgot the part of you picking it up. There is always one nut who is a busy body, weird or whatever..

    I do find it annoying when people don't pick up. I go to a park for a different scene for walking the dogs and poop is all over. the park provides tons of poop bag stations so not like they have excuse oh I forgot them at home.. I seen dog poop on the sidewalk.

    I also find it annoying how anal people are about picking up poop. When I went to the dog park there sometimes would be people who would rush you to get the dog's poop! Like come on I'm getting it not like I'm looking other way like other dog owners at the dog park. So glad I no longer go to that dog park Saya's been attacked luckily she is alright physically just mentally she no longer friendly to new dogs. she needs slow long intros. most owners don't have patience to help me do that so..
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