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Extended flight with Shiba (in cabin)
  • I'm moving back home to Arizona from North Carolina. No other way around it at this point, I'm going to be flying and it's an 8 hour flight. Prince (my shiba) will be riding with me in the cabin, and is allowed to be in my lap. I plan on getting a window seat for him to look out of and maybe turn this flight into the best "car ride" ever for him. I'll have plenty of treats to help distract him in case the takeoff or landings are a bit much for him, but I'm not really worried about that part of flying.

    I am looking for any tips that may help since we will be stuck on the flight for such a long time. There won't be any potty breaks. I'm also worried about him getting restless and trying to explore the airplane. I'll have him on a leash of course, but the concern is keeping him calm, and not trying to get into everything he possibly can.
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