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Won't stop itching, losing hair :(
  • Hello!

    I read through quite a few of the threads in the allergies section but they all seem to be older, so I wanted to start an updated one and see if I could get some advice... my Shiba, Monty, has been SUPER itchy over the last few months. He's been biting and itching himself so much that he's created bald patches all over his lovely coat :( We've been back to see our Vet 3 times now over the last few months. Monty has been on an antibiotic (we did a skin scrape on one of the bald areas and found bacteria) and Steroids (for the inflammation) since this all started. The steroids seemed to help his itchyness, but almost immediately after the prescription ran out he was back at it scratching and biting. We feed him a great grain free fish based protein food, and he also gets two fish oil capsules a day. We brush and groom him often, and our vet had even given us an oatmeal shampoo for bath time. The vet has also advised us to give him benadryl.

    Does this sound like it could be an allergy, or is he possibly just experiencing VERY dry itchy skin because of the colder weather here in Vermont? My boyfriend and I have both noticed dry skin on ourselves during these last few months too...

    I just wondered if anyone had experienced this with their dogs as well, and if there was any extra info I could bring to our Vet when we go for another check up next week!


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  • Kit_Keet_Kit_Keet_
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    Hi, and welcome! This sounds like allergies. We live in WI and are very used to cold dry air, but neither of our dogs have any significant skin reaction to the air (even though we do.)

    We deal with seasonal allergies for our Shiba at the end of every Summer. The Benadryl recommendation is a good one. Ask your Vet how much is safe, but we generally stick to 1 mg/lb. Kit goes on Prednisone for a three week period, and Benadryl at the end of every summer (something in the grass in our yard sets her allergies on edge), but she still bites/scratches bald patches on her feet and legs, face, and chest.

    In my opinion figuring out what is causing the discomfort is most important at this point. From your description, it sounds like it could be anything - food, environmental, seasonal, etc. Based on his diet, food doesn't seem likely, but I wouldn't totally rule it out. You say this has been going on for a few months. Did anything in Monty's environment change in the month or two before the itching started?
  • Kira_KiraKira_Kira
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    Definitely allergies, you may want to locate and read through an existing allergy thread. There are many of them, it doesn't matter how old they are. Resurrecting an older thread rather than starting a new one keeps the forum clean and allows a wealth of knowledge in one thread versus multiple ones. This one is the most recent:
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    @Sarms802 - There are TONS of threads on allergies and itching (and it sounds like you found them, but failed to read through them?).

    Please read through those threads and if you still have questions or want to continue the conversation, please do so in the most relevant existing thread. This keeps the forum neater and helps other people find information that they are looking for.

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