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A Bit Rough With The Cats
  • I did search the forum, but didn't see any posts about this. Sorry if I missed them.

    So Tang is 6 months now. Full of energy and kind of a butthead.

    The biggest problem we seem to be having right now is he is being rather rough with the cats. Not mean or aggressive. he is just trying to get them to play. Of course, if they run, he chases them. The good thing is they have lots of high up places to go. But I'm looking for ideas on how to get him to settle down with them.

    Roscoe is one of our most easy going cats. Sometimes he will kind of play with Tang. But eventually Tang will get all hyped up and start tackling him and nipping. He pulls out chunks of fur while tackling Roscoe.

    Our other cat Amelia, just flat out hates Tang. When he gets within a foot of her, no matter what, she swats at him. He just wants to play with her.

    he doesn't hurt them, but I don't want him tackling them and rolling around. He's over 20lbs now and tackling will end up hurting the cats. He mostly does this with Roscoe.

    We've tried distraction, toys, rewards for not chasing or tackling, kennel breaks and water bottle. He only sort of listens when we tell him to do something.

    Oh, and we have gated off areas the cats can get to. But its still a pain for them

    Moxy did this too when he was little and he grew out of it, but he wasn't so rough with them. PJ treats the cats like her babies and isn't rough with them at all.

  • Just a quick background...

    We have a 10+ year old female cat (Lexi) who has lived with all three of the Shibas we have had. We also had a male cat (Pawzi) who was the BOSS of our first shiba, Copper. When Copper would "play" too rough with our little cat Lexi, our male cat would hunt down Copper and put him in his place. Lexi has now been though three shiba puppies and has learned if she runs, she will be chased, and if she stays, she better be willing to play with Loki. Which sometime she does chose to play with him, she will swat at him and then chase him, and he runs away. When Lexi has had enough she goes to some place that he can't get after her.

    Loki is at about the 6 month old age also, and is starting to get a bit more forceful with her. Lexi is just starting to show her age, she is a bit slower than she used to be, and we don't want Loki putting more stress on her than he already does.

    We also have gated off areas for Lexi to get to when she has had enough!

    We just stop Loki if he is being overly annoying to her. We have been using the "leave it" command or just a stern "no" with Loki and he seems just leave her alone then.

    Copper learned to just leave the cats alone when he grew up.....I am hoping that Loki does the same thing!

    In my experiences, they seem to generally work things out on their own. I have been lucky that no one has ever been hurt trying to figure it out!

    I probably haven't given you any advice that you didn't already know, but just wanted to let you know you are not the only going through this!
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    @MoxyFruvous - There are several threads on Shibas and cats on the forum. You will probably get quite a lot of information from reading those threads. But the short answer is to stop letting Tang harass the cats. Only let them interact completely supervised and end the interaction if Tang gets too excited.

    Here are some threads for you to read through. Since this is a duplicate topic, I am going to go ahead and close this thread. Feel free to continue the conversation in one of the existing threads. Thanks!
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  • Thanks! I actually did several searches for cats and shibas and didn't get any hits. So thank you for posting those links. Umm.. might be a good idea to take a look at the search option. I just looked again and the only post that came up for "cats" or "chasing cats" was my post. :/
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    @MoxyFruvous - We know the search function on the forum is bad, which is why there is a link at the top of the forum teaching you how to use Google to search the site. Feel free to read it. :)
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    Casey, with Bella and Nola, hanging out in the mountains of Virginia.
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