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Shiba Inu Cashier in Japan
  • tysaaantysaaan
    Posts: 122
    I couldn't find any threads for this so I just wanted to share this with everyone..

    There is a Shiba Inu being a little "cashier" at a cigarette shop in Japan!

    "A tiny cigarette store in Japan is receiving international attention thanks to one panting, four-pawed staff member. The owners of Musashi-Koganei, a hole-in-the-wall tobacco shop, have "employed" a Shiba Inu to work the front of the house.

    Every customer is greeted by the furry face of Shiva-kun – who has learned how to open the shop's window – before making a purchase. The store's aww-worthy addition has helped the bodega earn a loyal customer base.


  • BootzBootz
    Posts: 3495
    There is actually a thread... But :( too lazy to look it up
  • Yes, there actually already is a thread for this, so as cute as this is, I'm going to close this one. Please remember to do a search before starting a new thread (the google search is the one that works best).
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