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Slightly bent hind leg???
  • Ever since Mei was little her back right leg is slightly bent inwards when she stands still. I figured that maybe after her Patella Luxation surgery it should be fixed but right now she still have it and I don't know if it should be a problem. She also walks weirdly.

    I'll try to get a photo of her standing leg but this video was taken today (around 9 weeks after her leg surgery).

    Ps. Sorry if it was mentioned already, I wasn't able to find a similar thread.

    Edit - embed didnt work so here is the link
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  • sunyatasunyata
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    Have you talked to your orthopedic vet about it? That is where I would start. It could be the way her leg formed or it could be an old injury.

    Granted, from the video I could not see anything out of the ordinary, other than her back end is quite stiff (most likely from the surgery).

    But seriously, if you are worried, talk to your vet.
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  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    She looks a little bow legged is all, and it seems she is probably a dog that would converge when moving at a trot. It does not look ominous in any way, it's something that a lot of Shibas do.
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