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Hill's I/D Diet
  • Well I searched the forum, and I came to noticed that there isn't a lot about vet prescription diets. Currently I am feeding my shiba the hill's I/d but I having a hard time transitioning him to Fromm grain free Salmon Tunalini, when I increase the food to 30 percent new and 70 percent old he gets diarrhea, today he actually vomited undigested food. When the diarrhea happens I will switch him back onto Hill's I/D until it's firmed again and start the transition process over. If all those who are wondering he had giardia a few weeks ago and on the hill's i/d his stool firmed up. Any one else have any insights on prescription gastrointestinal diets and switching back to normal food or having trouble doing so.
  • I won't feed the prescription food. Doesn't look very food esque to me.

    I'd go to a boiled chicken and rice with a probiotic diet and then transition off that directly to the new food. I am guessing all of the various diet changes are doing a number in his gut.
  • boiled rice and chicken will not give enough nutrition to a dog per vet.
  • That's why I suggested a probiotic. You can also use a multivitamin/supplement for balanced nutrition. If you look at the ingredients in the hills its predominantly fillers and vitamins.
  • CaliaCalia
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    Is all you did switch his diet or did you also have him on a dewormer? If you did put him on the dewormer, how long has he been on it and is he still on it?

    Sometimes drugs can cause digestive issues and an imbalance in the gut, so you may see some digestive issues. Probiotics may help balance the gut load. Have you only tried transitioning to Fromm or have you tried another brand/flavor? That kibble may not do well for him, so it may be worth trying a different food.
  • I have only tried fromm so far, he was on panacur once daily with metronidazole twice daily and prostora for 7 days.
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  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    Those are good meds he was on. It can take a few weeks for everything to normalize.

    I don't really like most of the products from Science Diet and Eukanuba, but from my years working as a Vet Tech, I ALWAYS keep cans of the Eukanuba Low Residue (their intestinal diet) and the Science Diet I/D on hand on my GI upset shelf for my dogs.

    I usually transition a dog who has not been eating for a day or so due to GI upset back onto the LR for a few meals to see how they do, and then add in small amounts of plain kibble, or plain Greek yogurt and pro bios, poultry broth and breast meat, etc. It works well for us.

    I think those are great temporary diets for GI issues in combination with appropriate medical treatment, and I've seen many pets be on those diets for life. The other prescription diets that were very effective that really improved quality of life for very sick pets were the renal diets (K/D, Multi Stage Renam, dementia diet (B/D), weight loss diets R/D and W/D, recovery diets A/D and diabetes diets DM. The low allergen diets (there are many) were also good for elimination trials, and the urinary diets were life saving for many pets especially cats. They aren't all bad!

    As much as the ingredients may suck sometimes, some pets really need that support for whatever illness they are dealing with since most owners don't have the know how or desire to make their own medical diets. There are many many newer foods now that do a lot of the same thing as these prescription diets do, which is great!

    Boiled chicken and rice is also fine, but some dogs can't tolerate rice and chicken.
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  • Plan is that I am going to wait for his stools to return to a consistency I like, while I research on foods.
  • I came to a conclusion, when he was pup he was on royal canin with the breeder. I think his mother was fed that while she was pregnant. And he tolerated hill's i/d and purina en, and I am currently looking at the ingredients. He had diarrhea since he has been switched to grain free. All the three brands I just named has rice, corn, and chicken. So I guess I am going to stick with something that has rice, corn, and chicken in it. That should help hopefully.

    The vet told me to try a purina/hill brand and I cringed.
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  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    Try the Eukanuba version (Low Residue). The ingredients are better and you can do a transition to something like Evangers (chicken and rice) which has much better ingredients without being too rich.
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  • Kira_KiraKira_Kira
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    @lindsayt - Do you know anything about the digestibility of rice in a dog's stomach? I was at my local farmer's market last weekend picking up my usual order of dog treats from the vendor when she mentioned that rice should be double-cooked or cooked longer to make it mushy because their stomachs don't properly break it down. Not sure if this is valid or not so I thought I'd ask.

    Can you give me any insight on this? I'd appreciate it because I do make Jasmine white rice quite often at home and regularly include it in Kira's dinner. Thank you!
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  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    Well cooked is better probably, and I like mushy rice so that's what I go for anyways, but I don't double cook it when I feed it. Not sure about digestibility specifically though. Extra cooked may help avoid fermenting, which could cause bloating and loose stools...just a guess.
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  • I went for California Natural Puppy, and see if he can tolerate it. I passed on Natural Balance because carbs are their first main ingredient. So hope this works for now.
  • !0 percent 90 percent, half firm/formed stool, and rest diarrhea. But he is also on Rimadyl and Metronidazole. So I have no idea what's going on, but I will continue doing 10/90 until i get firmed/formed stools.
  • I'm sure I'm missing some information, but it might be worth it to not switch his food while he's on the meds. Wait until he's all healthy and then make the switch...

    Our pup was on meds for a while as a puppy, and we hated the food she was eating, but everytime we tried to switch her while she was on the meds - GI upset popped up. So we waited until she was off them to switch... just my two cents.

    It might help narrow down what's causing the GI upset (food or the meds).

    We discovered it was the food we tried to switch her to, it did not agree with her.
  • Right now I have him on rice and chicken, for about 5 days now and his stool is getting better. He have like one bowel movement every 36 hours maybe longer, vet told me not to worry until it's 48-72 hours. Meds were done as of today, I am wondering if I should try a probiotic, but I am scared it will mess everything up again.
  • SayaSaya
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    I tried probiotics for Bella after she had giardia..
    Not sure if it helped or not, but I figured it wouldn't hurt.. it could just been combo of the meds and probiotics..

    I've read that digestive enzymes can help with gut issues.
    There is a few different brands out there this one was one I got to try.

    Bella has been on it fully for two days so not sure yet on if it is helping or not. I'll post back after being on it for a week..

    I read digestive enzymes are good to give if dog is on a kibble diet, home cooked diet, or has gut issues. I think the food looses it's enzymes once cooked or something like that?

    I'm hoping it helps Bella her poop is OK, but sometimes it could be better.

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  • omgtainomgtain
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    hoisanjai said:

    I went for California Natural Puppy, and see if he can tolerate it. I passed on Natural Balance because carbs are their first main ingredient. So hope this works for now.

    California Natural is owned by Purina..
    I've never slowly transitioned any of my dogs into something new. If anything its diarrhea for a couple days and its not like its projectile can-happen-any-moment diarrhea.
  • Purina is own by nestle, and proctor and gamble owns California natural (natura). So you can say Iams owns California natural.
  • BootzBootz
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    hoisanjai said:

    Purina is own by nestle, and proctor and gamble owns California natural (natura). So you can say Iams owns California natural.

    Purina or Iams... Both are bad. omgtain was just pointing that out to you.

  • Dog Food Advisor has it rated at 4 stars, so I will stick with it. It's still better than Purina and Hills.
  • hoisanjaihoisanjai
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    He is on Blackwood Sensitive Skin and Stomach Salmon Flavor since January.

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