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Shiba Retaliation
  • dagnydagny
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    Has anyone's Shiba retaliated long-term in a destructive manor due to not getting what they wanted?? How did you deal with it??

    Dagny's favorite thing is going to the dog park. She thinks it's the greatest thing ever. A month and a half ago I was able to take her everyday. But then my schedule become more packed and the sun started setting earlier (the park closes at sunset which is just after five pm), so I wasn't able to get her out there.
    Well, one day I had to go over to my mom's and decided to take Dagny. To get there we have to pass the dog park. Unfortunely there wasn't time to stop and play. Dagny became VERY upset when we passed it. She cried for a good twenty minutes, slept then cried some more. It was all very dramatic.
    The following week Dagny took up excessive chewing of everything, mostly my things (shoes, pens, lint roller) and some of my daughter's toys. She even destroyed all her own toys. She constantly tired to chew something if she wasn't asleep. I did not put the two and two together at first. I thought perhaps her teeth were bothering her or she was bored with her toys (she's always been good about playing with her toys). I bought her endless chews to replace the items with and even took her to the store to pick out her own chews.
    On top of that, she's been a jerk to our dachshund. She takes his chews, pounces on him (he is rarely a playful dog at three years old and Dagny knows this), and yanks him around by his bandanna.
    And my least favorite behavior, her lack of cuddling. She's an extremely cuddly shiba and is always on my lap... But not lately. She still follows me around but at arms distance.
    It did cross my mind at one point that she was upset about the dog park. But we have a fenced in acre complete with woods and wild animals that she's free to play/hunt in off lease whenever she wants, so it wasn't like she was locked in a house with just daily walks.
    Anyway, I took her to the dog park a week after her chewing started and she was blissful as can be. The chewing stopped. She would curl up in a ball on my lap again. She seemed content for several days, then the pattern of chewing, dog park, calmness returned.

    I want to take her everyday. I love taking her and seeing her happy. But I can't. It's a long drive to the park and with work, the park closing so early this season, the cold and my handicapped daughter, it's just not possible. I am going to strive to take her a couple times a week, HOPEFULLY on a schedule so she learns to expect it every three days and will be content between visits. But the destructive, jerk-like tantrum behavior has to stop.

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  • dagnydagny
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    Another behavior change I forgot to add, she wouldn't make eye contact with me during her period of not going to the park. When I looked at her she'd divert her eyes in different directions.
  • She's creeping up on the 2 year old mark isn't she? Could it be the start of the terrible Shiba 2s?
  • What you describe is frustration not retaliation. Over the long haul dogs do not really plot in the same way as humans do, so it's best to toss that line of thinking.

    Frustration though can creep in at any age.....

    As the holidays ramp up the less time we have and more hurried we get the less likely the normal routines are adhered to and less time is spent on working with pets. Same goes with illness in the family. The more frustrated you become the more frustrated the dog becomes and so it becomes a vicious cycle where the dog is releasing pent up frustration (Many animals are discarded around major events because, the frustration level goes over the top for both parties.)

    Yeah, stress and frustration go hand in hand, paw and tooth. You mention the looking away, the dog is trying to ease stress and it is no way to snub you. They read signs all to well when humans are not quite happy.

    Frustration manifests in many forms chewing is a big one. Owners can upset the apple cart simply by messing with routine and by monkeying with expectations.

    For example If you walk by the park and as a matter of habit usually go in, walking away can be distressing. The dog has no idea you were not intending to go, all it knows it that you have taken a major rewarding activity away. The thought may be, what did I do. It's stressful to some extent. If the dog goes home and is expected to lay down an take it, well that may not wash well.

    Basically the average well socialized dog does get used to a routine of play and interaction with their humans at particular times. They have a clock and know somehow when things should occur. They also have social need to get out and make contact if that is what they have been doing. Just like children they have need for an active world beyond their room, or home base/yard/woods etc.

    Somewhat akin to your average human child, try keeping them inside for several weeks and expect them only to play in their room, after a point they will drive you insane or siblings start to spat (lol). Same for a great many pets.

    Good luck finding a happy medium so everyone in the house is happy over winter. It is helpful to include some other activities to replace boredom of the same old same old or when forced to remain inside. One-on-one time is essential. You could try fitting in some interactive toys (canine wobbler for example) or nosework box games.


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