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How quickly does your Shiba learn commands/tricks?
  • My 10 week old puppy, Winston, seems to be a VERY fast learner. While I was having a procedure done at the hospital, my dad taught him "sit" in about 10 minutes. Now, he sits whenever we have a treat in our hands and always sits in front of my dad whenever he sees him, since he's associated sitting with getting a treat.
    I taught him "down" today; after two times of me pulling out his front legs so he was lying down, saying "down" and giving him a treat and praise, he got it the next time I said "down"! We've also been potty training him with treats for the past 3-4 days, so now he looks at us after doing his business because he wants his treat.

    All of my friends and our neighbors are impressed, saying their adult dogs never learned to even sit, which makes me very proud to be a Shiba owner. :)

    So I was wondering, how long did it take your Shiba to learn a new command or trick? And if you have another breed of dog, how long did it take them to learn commands in comparison?
  • Kira_KiraKira_Kira
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    Shibas are too damn smart... Kira figured out a "complicated" puzzle toy in less than 5 minutes. Other commands, about the same if not quicker. Too smart for their own good.
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  • JuniJuni
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    Juni loves her puzzle toys, I think it's like the Rubick's cube to her. I lent the games to other dogs and it's quite interesting to watch, for example one JRT who only tried one move and tried to scratch out all the treats and another big, clumsy Lab who just pushed the whole thing over.
  • RikkaRikka
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    Sagan normally learns new tricks within the first couple of tries. Shiba's are smart, yo.
    Lauren, living with a 4 y/o Shiba named after a scientist. ☆
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    Shiba's are so smart they let their hoomans think that they are smarter than them.
  • tysaaantysaaan
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    Jibo would automatically sit every time I held up a treat. Once I told him the command, he immediately caught on. Is it bad that he knows sit & down before he even knows his own name? :S
  • i'm in the same boat, she-ra, started doing her business outside in about 1 day, i brought her from the store, and the next day she was pooping outside, and i taught her to sit, in about a week, now i'm trying to train her not to bite, and paw, give me her paw.
  • BootzBootz
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    Try to train your shiba without them seeing the treats. Some dogs automatically do certain "tricks" once they see/smell treats, in order to get a positive response from their owner.
  • Nalah sits and stays now without a treat. But, she generally only listens when she feels like it. Typical. :P
  • They learn very quickly, If your dog is food motivated.

    We taught him this trick in a couple days:

    He can now do crazy variations of the same trick while standing, making him balance on things like a seal lol and can catch other various foods rather easily haha.
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