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Resource guarding how to train?
  • Hi
    I looked through the resource guarding section and didn't find a similar one so hopefully I didn't ask the same question.

    We have a shiba(Mei) that is 2 years old and is currently recovering from surgery, and we also have a one years old cat.

    When we gave Mei a chew toy such as a rawhide, pig ear or anything like that, she won't eat it but just guard it. Normally she would fall asleep while guarding it. I know it's bad for her to practise this behaviour but since she cannot do any exercise and she doesn't play with Kong toys and things like that, this is sometimes the only way for her to go to sleep at night instead of whining until 12am at night.

    So yesterday, we gave her a lamb ear and again she doesn't eat it, then I heard her growling and barking at the cat that came close to her (they were both in the living room ) and when I touched her, she growled at me but let me take the chew toy away. She didn't mind me taking the chew toy but growled when I touched her.

    My question is what should I do next? As in how to tell her that the behaviour is not accepted. Because whenever I take away a valuable thing, I give her another high desirable treat to make up for it but I don't know in this case should I still give her a highly desirable treat?
    Last night I took the chew toy away and still gave her a treat but a common treat that she gets everyday. Then I had her stay at a corner while I ignored her kind of like a time out for about 10 min (she actually stayed which was surprising) and then gave her a treat again because she stayed.

    Is this a good way to handle her resource guarding? ( she doesn't guard anything else, just chew toys sometime)
  • BootzBootz
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    Firstly, You should be avoiding Rawhides since they are bad for their digestive tract.

    Secondly, this is a commonly asked question and I remember reading a VERY similar thread before having been on this forum for a while.... I'll link it here when I get a chance to search for it... But hopefully somebody can beat me to it.

    Why did you touch her when you take away the treat? Is that your way of praising her? I would just skip touching her and just exchange for another high value treat....

    Not sure why you put her on time out after you gave her a treat... Unless she growled at you? But even then, you are not correcting her, but telling her growling is bad... Which is bad.

    I think you should look through the resource guarding threads again and read the experience of other owners. All resource guarding issues come down to having the similar solutions. Plus there are many books that other members have posted to build confidence in owners with resource guarding dogs.

    Good luck

  • sunyatasunyata
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    @meixdidi - This is a very common issue and pretty much any thread on resource guarding will have excellent advice on how to deal with this common problem. Read through those threads and if you still have questions or want to continue the conversation, pick the most relevant thread and post there.

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