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Owner Searching for Lost Dog
  • I live in Washington, DC and know that the dog owner has been looking for her dog for over a year. Every time I see a poster about the dog my heart breaks for her. They say he has been spotted near my neighborhood. I hope that she finds him.

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  • SayaSaya
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    So sad. I hope the dog gets found soon. :(
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  • amtiamti
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    I probably would be doing the same.... I would want some kind of closure or something to know where or what happened. Life is cruel sometimes.... :'(
  • That is heartbreaking. I don't blame her for keeping up the search. Klaus slipped out my front door when I had people over from out of town and he took off running like he had never been outside before. It took us two hours to find him (he was playing with some children two developments over). The entire time I was petrified thinking what if I don't find him.

    I hope the dog gets found. :(

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