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Nalah - Born with Severe HP
  • Nalah's first vet visit was rough....she was diagnosed with severe Hip Dysplasia. I bought her from a local breeder, but I did not do my research and was sold a puppy born with a severe hip deformity and is actually 5 months old as opposed to 3 months old. I love her regardless and glad she is safe with me and not sent to a shelter.


    X-Rays displayed her left hip joint completely deformed and the bone is dislodged from the socket and located above the actual joint area. I took her to a specialty surgeon to see what my options are for her. After a full inspection of my sweet baby, the doctor had good and not so good news. He was impressed to see Nalah running around without showing any pain. Even when he pulled the hip at full extension. (Which they do in the back...wish I could be there for these "tests".)

    The doctors believe she was born this way and tissue has formed around the bones for pain free mobility. Therefore, the bones do not come into contact. Three options. Do nothing since she is fine and not in pain. Total Hip Replacement which is expensive and high risk due to the deformed the only surgeon for dogs her size just left FL. Or, FHO surgery if she has problems down the road. Which her body has technically already done for itself. He doesn't recommend any medications until she is an adult. Her knees do have a grade 1.5 out of 4 for luxation. So, they will require surgery when she is older.

    I am glad she is not in any pain, but I am worries about her future. Has anyone else been through this with a recommendation nothing? Should I go after the breeder for medical charges?
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    This is a tough situation. In your other thread you mentioned the vet and your breeder friend recommended returning the puppy. If you are not prepared for a life of medical issues, you should consider this. You might want to get a second opinion from another vet, or contact that expert. If surgery is in her future, now or later, you will want a good surgeon. As these conditions are preexisting, you will not be able to get pet insurance to help pay for them.

    Should I go after the breeder for medical charges?
    Did you sign a contract with this breeder? Was there a health guarantee? But the most you can expect from them is a replacement puppy, or less likely a refund. I assume they will not pay for any medical expenses, as a new puppy is cheaper for them.
  • I am not considering another puppy. I am going to do whatever I can to keep her healthy and happy. The surgeon was the first medical doctor to understand separating from Nalah is not an option. I am going to set up a consult appointment at another office, just to be safe. :)

    Yeah....I am pushing for a refund at the moment. I am not too worried about the finances of surgery in the future as much, but it is more of the high risk factor due to the deformed hip bone. Fingers crossed!
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    That is awful, it sounds costly. Good luck!
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