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Anyone have success with treating separation anxiety?
  • Our Shiba's two years old, and has recently developed separation anxiety. My boyfriend and I both work, and she gets two walks a day with a walker. Our walker has recently been saying that she shakes, whines, and defecates in the apartment while we're gone (happens about once every other week). She's also been whining when we leave. It's gotten bad enough that we definitely need to do something about it.

    She gets the run of the apartment while we're gone, and besides her walker we take her to work with us about once a week (I'm starting a new job so this may change). My boyfriend travels a lot for work, so lots of times it's just me with her during the week. She also gets a walk in the morning and about an hour of dog park time in the evening.

    There's tons of resources online about treating separation anxiety - we might try a few things at home to desensitize her, and depending how that works we'll also potentially bring her to the vet to get a referral for a behaviorist.

    So at this point, I'd just like some assurance that this will get better - has anyone had success treating separation anxiety? Anything that particularly worked well?

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