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Help.. food/chicken intolerance??? How long does the diarrhea usually last??
  • nobunobu
    Posts: 8
    My little guy, Nobu, is 15 mo and long story short, he had some boiled chicken as treats for the first time 4 days ago. On On the following day, he started having a bad diarrhea until today.

    On the first day, he had little soft poop followed by watery stool during his afternoon walk (when he almost got attacked by another dog that was unleashed by his owner) . That's when it hit me that Nobu must be chicken intolerant since his kibble been the same all week, perhaps stress after his encounter with the neighbor's unfriendly dog. In the evening, I fed him dinner half of his usual dinner portion and adding little warm water to it, which he ate with big appetite. However he threw up all his dinner a few hours later.

    On the second day (yesterday) I brought him to the vet in the morning, Nobu was injected with antibiotics where he screamed for 10-15 mins post the injection, it scared me and the vet himself! Nobu was prescribed with a 3-days (1/2 tablet 3x a day) meds. Vet suspected it was possibly because of the chicken treat since his temp was all normal and stool sample from the thermometer looked normal. Vet said I can feed him per normal, although I ended up giving Nobu some baby food (suggested by a friend) after the vet appointment and third portion of his daily kibble in the evening since he didn't have much appetite. He had total of 6x watery stools throughout day 2, looks tired, un-energetic, and sleeps more.

    Today - his 3rd sick day (2nd day on med) - Nobu is still having watery stools. Up until noon he has pooped water 5x, sleeps most times. When I threw a ball, he was disinterested which I assume is normal since he is probably tired and sick. I fed him some baby food this morning and continues him on his meds. I have been monitoring his drink to make sure he stays hydrated. It's just so heartbreaking to see the usually playful and energetic little guy being sick and just sleeps most of the day.

    Is this a normal reaction to food/chicken intolerance/allergy? I have read cases where a shiba had diarrhea for 7 days long but it was due to other health reasons but also read where owners should stay cautious in diarrhea cases. Has anyone's shiba had a bad reaction to boiled chicken and had diarrhea for days? How long did it last? At what stage should I bring Nobu to the vet again? He once had a soft poop of 2 days due to change of kibble, took different meds and poops firmed up the next day, do you think I should try that meds again and stop his current prescribed meds? Should I continue on the baby food and how much should I feed him? A bit confused about what to feed him as I read mixed review about feeding/not feeding during diarrhea. Any advice?
  • zandramezandrame
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    How much of the chicken did he eat, and how often? While recovering from gastrointestinal upset, you want to only feed a small amount of bland, low-fat, food and water, so they don't relapse. You can also add pumpkin.

    But no, that doesn't sound normal. A food intolerance should only last a few days until it's out of his system. The fact that he is so lethargic is concerning. For that, tyu should go back to the vet.

    It could be a parasite, but the symptoms also match parvo.
  • Yes, do add pumpkin! Plain, canned (like Libbys for pie) pumpkin. I usually add a scoop or two to whatever I'm feeding. Its helped both our dogs and cats when they're having tummy issues and watery poop.

    When ours have really bad diarrhea, I usually withhold food for 12 to 24 hours, depending on how bad it is. Its kinda of like if you have the stomach flu. You throw up and throw up, but you wouldn't go eat something right after. You have to give your tummy a rest. Water is fine though. Water is good.

    Just curious about the baby food. Dogs (and cats) really shouldn't eat garlic or onions. many baby foods include garlic or onion powder. If those are ingredients, do not keep feeding the baby food.

    My thought was maybe Giardia: ?? did the vet check for this? I would get that checked out just in case.
  • SayaSaya
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    Giardia could be the problem too. Bella had horrible loose and sometimes runny poo.

    It didn't show in fecal sample, but vet perscribed med for parasites and it helped.

    I also put her on a probiotic to help. This seemed to help.

    If you think chicken is issue you can switch to a kibble without it. Be sure there is no egg, fat, or cartilage sometimes there is one of those in the ingredient..
    Nicole, 5year old Bella(Boxer), and 4year old Saya(Shiba inu)
  • JuniJuni
    Posts: 1269
    To me it sounds a bit weird that the vet injected antibiotics first thing. Antibiotics will kill off the good germs too so @Saya's suggestion to add probiotics is probably a good idea. (Plus I don't like overuse of antibiotics since multiresistent bacterias is a serious problem).
    What is the contents of the baby food? You may want to make your own food instead. Very small portions of boiled rice and white fish perhaps would work.
  • nobunobu
    Posts: 8
    A little and very late update, so after a change of meds, Nobu gets better and his poop firmed up. Still feel sorry for the little guy and what he went through that 1 week. So now chicken is off Nobu's meal plan and will keep in mind to ask when the next time vet suggests antibiotic injection. I feel the vets where we live here are not too knowledgeable/good. Ones that I met so far don't even know about that Nobu is a shiba. Then the two times Nobu had tummy issues, they gave him antibiotics injections without explaining exact problem or what he had.

    Thanks all for the feedback and inputs. I will keep a note on the pumpkin and boiled rice. :)
  • Sorry this is so late, but I felt the need to share . . .

    Our shiba also had issues with chicken, and beef, and turkey, and lamb, and duck . . . She threw up - a lot, she burped - a lot, chewed her paws, and would even lick the walls sometimes. I did some looking into it and thought she might have acid reflux. We tried pepcid, it helped but didn't fix it completely. Also, I didn't like the idea of her being on pepcid long term.

    Anyway, long story short over the span of a year or so I learned that it is most likely a high-protein, high-fat issue, which chicken, beef, and lamb are. We went to fish (very low fat and low protein) and she did really well. It makes sense that shibas would do well on fish coming from Japan where fish is a bigger part of the cultural diet. However, being a shiba, Emma decided she didn't like it as much as other tastier foods.

    She now eats raw goat and rabbit mostly. But I think the thing that has really made all the difference is the supplements that we have found for her.

    Supplement #1: Sulfurzyme
    This is what I believe really fixed her stomach issues. After being on this for a month, she rolled over and let us rub her belly - something she never did in the two years that we had her prior. Now, she demands belly rubs several times a day. :o)

    Supplement#2: NWC Total-Biotic
    This has really helped regulate her digestive track. It may sound weird but until she took this daily, she had a very complicated bowel process.

    In the time we have had our shiba, we have watched her completely transform from a very aloof dog to a lap dog who actually loves to snuggle! I know the reason is because we have been able to help her feel good inside and out. And now, she has even started eating chicken necks without a problem.
  • lindsaytlindsayt
    Posts: 4786
    Emma sounds like she could use some allergy testing and injections. She sounds very similar to my first Shiba Beebe. Beebe can only eat Acana fish kibbles along with some carefully chosen treats. She gets blow outs from beef, lamb, tripe, most raw now...she had to go on thyroid meds which helped, and start immune globulin interferon treatments with allergy injections. She is stable now and doing well. You wouldn't know she had severe allergy issues.
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  • nobunobu
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    @aferraro & lindsayt thanks for sharing.

    So at the moment I assume it was chicken intolerance that triggered Nobu's bad run. Is there a 'cure'? I mean I was once lactose intolerant and doc once told me with time I could be lactose tolerant of course with some pain though lol. So this may sound like a silly question, do you think Nobu can tolerate chicken if I gradually over the time gave him boiled chicken ? Say started of with small chunk (thumb size) perhaps?
  • Kira_KiraKira_Kira
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    No. It's not worth the risk if you know.

    You risk way too much to expose him if he's allergic to the ingredient. I wouldn't personally. It's like asking if feeding only small amounts of cooked peanuts would be more tolerable than a person that's allergic than a different amount.
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  • SayaSaya
    Posts: 6678
    I'm no expert on this so I dunno, but if your dog has issues with chicken I'd just avoid it and feed diet that works with the dog. Bella gets itchy on kibble with chicken and so far raw chicken too..

    She is on fish based kibble and gets duck, turkey, fish, lamb, beef, pork, for raw meat, but no raw chicken.. So far she isn't itchy like she was and seems to be doing better..

    I've been giving her a digestive enzyme and I think it has helped her digest meals better. she's only been on the enzyme for three or so days, but her #2 seems much more firmer and consistent.
    Nicole, 5year old Bella(Boxer), and 4year old Saya(Shiba inu)
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  • My puppy, Hamilton also has a chicken allergy. He had terrible gas, bloating, itchiness and soft/runny stools. I switched him to a fish based kibble and he's been better. Although he hid a few of his chicken-based kibble pieces around the room before we switched and he finds them and eats them. It's not hurting him from what I can see, but I'd still prefer if he didn't eat it.

    Hamilton has also been on some probiotics and that's helped a ton!
  • RikkaRikka
    Posts: 1501
    Hearing all this makes me feel fortunate that Sagan likes chicken / beef / lamb - he's allergic to whitefish, so it's been easy enough to avoid those. =/

    Hopefully the problems subside with Nobu & Emma!
    Lauren, living with a 4 y/o Shiba named after a scientist. ☆

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