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Is this food guarding?
  • If I give my dog a chew toy such as a pig ear, she will bring it to my cat and hold it while showing her teeth. If the cat then moves, she would start growling and block the cat. If the cat is on the couch, she would bring the pig ear next to the couch where she can see the cat and also with the pig ear near her. She normally doesn't eat it and just end up falling asleep but if anyone walks close or past her, she will make a move to grab the pig ear but then drops it if it was my family. if it was the cat, she would then chase the cat again showing teeth and stuff.
    Is this food guarding?

    When we feed her breakfast or dinner this doesn't happen, the cat would come and eat her food and she doesn't care about it or she will just start eating her food and the cat will leave.

    photo 735EFFA1-386F-45FF-8D3E-8A76E46FF48E_zps7khz2s0e.jpg

    photo 2105BFF1-FD15-422F-A3DC-A0E29FA84E9F_zpsmevjhchb.jpg
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    @meixdidi - There are TONS of threads on resource guarding (in fact, an entire category). I would suggest that you read through some of those threads to learn a bit more about resource guarding and how to deal with it. If you still have questions or want to continue the conversation, feel free to do so in one of the existing threads. By keeping conversations on the same topic in one thread it helps other members find information easily and keeps the forum much neater.

    Thanks! :)
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