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Dog to dog aggression
  • Hi all ^.^ I have a female shiba that is aggressive towards new dogs she sees. As a puppy she was well socialised (in my opinion) we have an oval close to my house and would walk her there for 30 min to an hour everyday. There are many dogs and people at the oval so she got to see and get use to other dogs and people. As a puppy she would lick the other dog's mouth non stop (apparently this is a very submissive thing) but around one and a half, she started showing signs of aggression towards dog she haven't met before.

    She would be fine if the dog doesn't invade her space (eg. Sniffing her anywhere, running towards her or staring at her) she would be fine with a new dog if she was walked with the dog for about 10 minute and then she would start playing with the dog. She has never bitten a dog yet but is scared that she might. Because she snaps at the dog

    The thing I don't understand is that
    Can this be stopped?
    What do you do when she starts growling?
    Is it because she feels like she is protecting me?

    Her behavior at the dog park different (well every dogs different but) she would stay around me and not be playing, but she gets this sudden burst of energy and would start running like crazy but it doesn't last long. I always go with dogs she already knows and played well together so that she have at least one dog she is comfortable with. However, one time a dog kept coming to sniff her and wanting to play with her, after her repeated warning, the dog did not get the hint. She was growling louder and started snapping at the dog I had resorted to picking her up and even then, she was still growling at the dog underneath. The owner of the other dog doesn't even know. Later on she would growl at every other dog that day so I brought her home early.

    Is picking her up wrong?

    Sorry for the long post :P
  • kiba888kiba888
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    Im interested in the answers here as well. But just an advice, careful picking up your dog if shes already in fight mode -- you'll get nipped by your own dog. They get so lost in the aggression they just bite everywhere hahaa. Best solution is to be aware of the situation before it even gets to that point.
  • @kiba888

    I don't think she was in red zone (fight zone) yet because she was still trying to tell the dog off about sniffing her. I picked her up because the other dog doesn't stop and the owner wasnt even looking at their dog, just chatting with other owner. She was still growling at the dog because that dog would jump trying to smell her XD

    She has had a few lessons of behaviour training (Not obedience) but i don't see much affect of it (Maybe because she needs more lessons)
  • BootzBootz
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    This could be avoided if you had stepped in before she escalated with the other dog.

    1. You coulda put yourself between the two dogs when it was still verbal only

    2. You could have called the other owner and warn them to take away their dog

    3. You could have called your dog over to a different area in the dog park

    4. Simplest solution of them all, remove you and your shiba from the dog park.

    Yes the other dog didn't take the hint, but you also didn't take your dogs hint. The situation should never require you to pick up your dog.

    Preventive measures are better than corrective.
  • Kobe1468Kobe1468
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    Generally agree with Bootz.

    Maybe review some of these videos/links...maybe helpful.
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  • @bootz

    I have stepped in and block between the two, the owner of the dog was no where to be found since there was many dogsand people and it's quite a large dog park
    I was moving with my dog and that other dog just follows
    But I do agree that I should have went outside the dog park for her to calm down first
  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    Do you like everybody you meet? If someone was invading your space and you told them to back off, and the police arrested you for it, how would that make you feel?

    It's ok for dogs to be selective of who they like and it's perfectly normal for them to become more discriminating as they age. Taking a training classe should be a mandatory thing for all dog owners, if only for the purpose of learning to read one another better. A good approach is simply not to put the dog into situations where they are forced to be around other dogs if it makes them uncomfortable. You are unlikely to change her opinion of other dogs if she is constantly made to feel uncomfortable by them or reprimanded for expressing herself by growling.
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  • @lindsayt

    I understand that she will dislike some dogs, my goal is that she can growl and move away but just not snap and choose to ignor them instead. She has done obedience training but because of her surgery and aggression, she could not attend it anymore and has been changed to the a special need class which is for dogs with aggression and other problems.

    I would love to bring her to dog parks or just to the oval and not looking for dogs all the time and fearing she would run up and start growling.

    But right now I'll probably just do some trick training since she won't be going out for at least 6~8 weeks (post surgery/recovery)

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