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Cesar Millan and the Shiba Inu
  • RomayRomay
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    I apologize for the poor video quality, but I could not find this anywhere else on youtube. The sound quality gets rather atrocious toward the end, I wish I could find a better quality video...however, please, watch this and tell me what you see. What is effective in dog training and what is not? In this video, focus on his techniques and please do not get on a rant about how great or bad he is. I want to know what techniques you find effective in 'non televised life' and what you do not find effective, as seen in this video.
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    @Romay - Please remember to search the forum for existing threads before starting a new thread. Cesar Millan and his techniques have been discussed ad nauseum. Here are some threads for your reading pleasure:

    There are also tons of threads on effective and non-effective training techniques. Feel free to browse through that category as well and if you have further questions or comments or if you want to continue the discussion, please post in the most relevant existing thread.

    Thanks! :)
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