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GREY2K USA Tricks to Treat the Greyhounds Better Challenge
  • Hi Shiba Lovers!

    In the past week, I've become aware of a new "social media challenge" started by GREY2K USA, a non-profit organization fighting to end the cruelty of greyhound racing by passing laws, etc. Of course, they also promote greyhound adoption/rescue and try to educate people on the perils of dog racing.

    For October, they're doing a Tricks to Treat the Greyhounds Better challenge. Official rules here: It's sort of like the ice bucket challenge, but it hasn't really taken off quite the same way because obviously you need to have a dog to participate in the challenge! (Although, anybody can donate.)

    I decided to teach Severus some tricks so we could make our own video. Check it out! Teaching Severus tricks this past week has been SO MUCH FUN and has really enhanced our bond (considering we've only had him for 2 months and we're just starting to see more affection from him).

    I'd love to see some of your pups in their fabulous Halloween attire or showing off some cute tricks! Even if you aren't in the position to donate, it's nice to spread awareness! And it's a legit excuse to show off your talented and adorable furbaby! Post your video/photo to fb and follow the guidelines on the grey2k website. Then reply to this discussion with a link to the post so we can all admire the shiba glory!

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