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Halloween 2014!!! And your Shiba!
  • dagnydagny
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    Are you doing anything special with your Shiba for Halloween? Dressing them up?? Having them help hand out candy?

    ~We are taking Dagny to a Barktober Fest. She's going to be the lamb from Doc McStuffins to match our daughter's Doc costume. She's pretty good about wearing her costume (even if she walks at a snails pace in it) and will be excited to see all the other dogs; She's a total dog's dog. I'll probably bring her favorite Honey Roasted Peanut snack (the only treat she'll "roll over" for) with us incase she gets too excited. While we are there she'll get to play in the dog park, get a new Halloween scarf, be in a costume contest, and get a goodie bag. Our dachshund will also be joining the fun in a dragon costume to match Dagny. He's a "yellow dog" so I'm semi-nervous about this adventure with him. We socialize him and he's getting better but this will be his biggest event yet. Our Aussie is too old to join the fun but we'll bring him home a treat.

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  • Severus is going to a Boston Shiba Meetup Costume Party. We're dressing him up as (surprise surprise) a slytherin. I'm going to sew his robe and I bought an iron-on slytherin crest.

    For the record, I wanted to dress him up as something more original, but my husband argued that he HAD to be Prof. Snape at some point in his life and it might as well be his first Halloween...

    Our apartment complex also organizes trick-or-treating on Halloween. I think I'll put him in the slytherin costume again for that and I'll dress up as a doe. :)
  • I'm dressing up the pups! Not sure if we are going to any events or not yet. They might help me hand of goodies.

    I've got two themes for them:

    Medeval: Cheeto is a Knight, Onyx a King, Pepper a Queen and Ivy as a Jester!

    Superhero: Cheeto is Robin, Onyx is Batman, Pepper as Wonder Woman and Ivy as Bat Girl!
  • @SeverusSnapeShiba It could potentially be a multiuse costume... I mean think of being able to strut lil Severus around at the next JK Rowling movie premiere... everyone would be mad jealous...

    Love the themes @Melissafon! Will they get dressed in both? Or are you still deciding between the two?

    No real plans to go anywhere for a Doggie Halloween, but we've got two costumes - a batwings harness, because - come on she's tiny and black and has pointy ears, it's perfect! And an ewok costume to make the hubs happy. The harness for the batwings is actually pretty awesome, the wings detach and it has a front lead clip, so we've been using it when she's being sulky or stubborn.
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  • @lauratherose They'll probably be dressed as both, I've already got the costumes for each! I'll post a group picture of them when I can (:
  • Awesome!!!! Glad I'm not the only person who buys 2 Halloween outfits! Can't wait to see them!
  • I am planning on a star wars theme with my two, Chewie for Caspian, Princess Leia for the lola

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