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Halloween 2014!!! And your Shiba!
  • dagnydagny
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  • Severus is going to a Boston Shiba Meetup Costume Party. We're dressing him up as (surprise surprise) a slytherin. I'm going to sew his robe and I bought an iron-on slytherin crest.

    For the record, I wanted to dress him up as something more original, but my husband argued that he HAD to be Prof. Snape at some point in his life and it might as well be his first Halloween...

    Our apartment complex also organizes trick-or-treating on Halloween. I think I'll put him in the slytherin costume again for that and I'll dress up as a doe. :)
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  • Awesome!!!! Glad I'm not the only person who buys 2 Halloween outfits! Can't wait to see them!
  • I am planning on a star wars theme with my two, Chewie for Caspian, Princess Leia for the lola

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