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Lymes shot for Shiba puppy?
  • My Shiba just turned 11 weeks. My vet recommends the Lymes vaccine. I've been reading some negative things about it... not just from owners- but from other blogs or forums on dogs. It is not always real effective. Some articles I read say that prevention and checking your dog for ticks may be more healthy way to go. Opinions? I live in Pa.- deer ticks are here. But my dog stays in my enclosed yard in a suburb.

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    I initially inoculated my boy but after reading up on the vaccine I decided against it. When I went back to the vet for his biannual checkup he asked me if I wanted to give him the booster. I explained my reservations and that seemed to satisfy my him.
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    I wouldn't. Unless your puppy is out in the woods encountering a lot of wild animals, it will do more harm than good IMO.
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