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Odd Peeing behavior. Is this due to being in heat?
  • I searched the forum for something related but couldnt find anything.

    My female shiba is in heat. She has stopped bleeding, but now she seems to be peeing EVERYWHERE in our apartment and that's so unlike her! We will take her outside and she will do her normal business, and then a few minutes later after bring her back in, she will pee again. So far shes peed on the carpet, the couch and our bed. And these arent little amounts either! Is this a normal behavior that happens during heat. At first we also thought it may be a UTI? Should we get her checked out?

    Please help!!

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    @shibatori - TONS of threads just like this on the forum. Remember to search (using Google, there is a link at the top of the forum that shows you how) before starting a new thread.

    Since this is a duplicate thread, I am going to close it.

    But first, yes, get her checked out!
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