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Broke into the food cabinet
  • Just had to share this story... While we were out at a family gathering last night, Marty got into the cabinet where we keep his food. We do mostly raw, but we will occasionally give him some Honest Kitchen and that's what he found. So we discovered the now empty bag of Honest Kitchen when we got home and a visibly bloated dog looking very pleased with himself. I was so worried and upset! He seemed fine otherwise so I didn't rush to the vet or anything. What worried me most was that the food is dehydrated and he ate it dry so I was afraid it would dehydrate him! But he was drinking tons of water and he peed a lot when we took him out. That evening he was issuing some horribly stinky gas but otherwise seemed ok. This morning the poops started... five times in about 2 hours!! Now he seems completely back to normal, thank goodness. I'm so relieved everything passed. I was worried he'd get a bowel obstruction or something, but everything seems to be moving just fine now. I guess it'll teach me to double check that the cabinet door is 100% closed.
  • BootzBootz
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    Glad to know he's ok.

    But really be careful with that...
    I'm not sure how much HK was left but one serving is just a 1/3 cup or so. And if he ate it dehydrated, it can really bloat him up and cause issues.

    Try to put the dog food higher up in a cabinet. Or the best solution would be to crate him while you are gone...

    But nonetheless, glad to know he's ok.
  • The remaining food is safely hidden now! He's actually usually in his kennel when we're gone. We've been experimenting with short bouts of freedom if we're only gone for a couple hours. This definitely shows that he's not ready.

    I'm so glad he's ok too. It was scary and I know we could have prevented it.
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  • I keep Quake's kibble in a Vittles Vault. It is a special airtight container for dry pet food. They come in many sizes. I have the small five pound size and the 26 pound size. They keep the kibble very fresh.
  • Thanks for all the suggestions! I got a nice, well-sealed pet food container from Farm and Fleet so it should be fully off limits now!
  • Kit_Keet_Kit_Keet_
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    @cstrash, just out of curiosity how old is Marty? I feel like Kit got into EVERYTHING as a puppy and I was constantly calling the vet in a panic, but she eventually grew out of it. Before she did however, she ate a highlighter (and stained her fur pink for two weeks), dental floss, thread, an entire chicken breast (bones and all) that I mistakenly left in her reach while I showered, some eye drops, a CD, cigarettes that she pulled out of some girl's bag, thread, and I don't even remember what else!

    Our couch was too close to our kitchen island, and I caught her once stealing a wrapped dog bone off of the counter and bringing it into the bedroom to chew on. She ate everything under the bed, and she walked in the door, saw me, and just stopped, dropped the bone, and turned around like, "you did not just see me..." She was a horrible puppy who, luckily, suffered no long-term damage!
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    Wow, what a stinker!!! Marty is almost two. He used to get into a lot more things but he's usually really good now. He'll still grab things he's not supposed when he wants attention like "Look what I'm doing, you better chase me!" This incident was more our fault than his. We were gone and he discovered the food cabinet was slightly open. I can't imagine even the best trained dog just ignoring free food. So it's not that he did something bad really... I know I should have A) protected the food better and/or B) keep him in his kennel while we're out.

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