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Puppy to Shiba Inu
  • Was curious when people started noticing some more Shiba Inu like traits an less puppy traits. Woody is 16 wks, I've had him since 8wks, an he seems to be really testing his boundaries. I am with him pretty much 24/7 since I am retired due to an illness. I work him every day with basic command training an puzzles an other things to keep his brain busy. I also take him on walks at least twice a day. He is still a very good dog but it almost like he sometimes just wants a little more space which I totally understand an know is normal for this breed. Does the Shiba Inu kick in around now, am I with him too much, just curious....
  • Who knows whether those are his "shiba inu traits" manifesting, just a phase, or his personality starting to show. My shiba, Kaya has gotten more and more snuggly as she grows up (she just turned two), so there's really no saying.
  • BootzBootz
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    Each shiba is different. So you'll get a lot of different answers. He's 4 months... And since you are with him all day, I hope he's getting at LEAST/MINIMUM of 6 walks a day.

    Like people, dogs need their alone time too. Especially with shibas, make sure you give him some space. Shibas don't like too much attention (from my experience).
  • Bootz just so I you know I an the rest of the family take Woody out at least 6 times a day to do his business, which is sort of a walk because he refuses to poo in our yard. When I say walks I mean a long walk of at least 45 min. I allow him to dictate the walk without allowing him to control it an sniff all he can sniff. I agree with you on the space thing an allow him his alone time more often. Of course with a watchful eye not to far away. Thanks for your input....
  • BootzBootz
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    Thanks for the clarification. 45 mins seems a bit long for his age, but it he's sniffing stuff as should be fine. There is a thread that discusses lengthy walks before the Shibas joint/body is fully developed.
  • Well Loki loves walks but he also loves napping. Sleeping is his favorite activity.
  • DabishDabish
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    @bootz Since when does a dog need to be walked at least 6 times a day? Especially as a puppy?
  • BootzBootz
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    The term "walk" especially on this forum can be interpreted at least two ways. Some members call a "walk" something lengthy and 30 mins + of continuous pace. Others call a walk anytime they take their dog out.

    When Thomastoe mentioned "walk" I interpreted it as the later definition, but Thomastoe meant the first definition.

    Yes they should be taken out at least 6 times a day. At the bare minimum, to do their business, but also to expose them to things and socialize them.
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