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Where to take my Shiba when visiting Seattle
  • We are heading over to Seattle this weekend. We will be spending some time around the South Lake Union Discovery Center. We are bringing Zuki since it is a dog friendly event. We have been looking at other places to bring Zuki and have some ideas that we received from other websites but I thought I should ask the great forum members here. Any places that we shouldn't miss? Looks like there are quite a few dog friendly restaurants as well as stores.

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  • @kobe1468 Golden Gardens is still party town. One time I took Moxy there and a VERY drunk woman came up to him screaming omg look at the basenji! and started trying to rough house with him by smacking him in the face/muzzle. I don't go there with him anymore.
  • Thanks for all the suggestions! We will do some more planning on our ride over. I'll let you know how it goes.
  • So we got back from Seattle earlier today. Zuki Had a blast. Thanks for the suggestions. While we did see some other Shibas I was still amazed how much attention Zuki received. Here are a few highlights...

    1. Cider fest at South Lake Union Discovery Center. - Very dog friendly. They even had a booth with ice water and treats for dogs. They also had a booth that was giving away samples of iloveyouandyou dog food.

    2. Magnuson Park - Fantastic dog park with access to Lake Washington. Zuki took to the water immediately. We have had him in the water before but he usually had to be coaxed, not this time. Zuki also had incredible recall at the park. We have been working on his recall but this is the first time we really got to test it with a lot of other distractions. We had read that there can be issues with "professional dog walkers" but we didn't see any while we were there.

    Belltown Pub - Great pub that allows dogs inside. Zuki sat next to me in the booth. They brought a water dish and set it next to him. They even have a menu for dogs. There were other well behaved dogs there as well. Our food and drinks were good.

    We went to other parks as well. We didn't have a bad experience at all. I'll post some photos later in "Zuki's Adventures" thread.

    Thanks again!

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