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4 1/2 month puppy fear stage?
  • Hi all it's been two weeks since I brought Lola home and she has made significant progress- she's walking on the leash, does extremely well at the dog park playing with usually much larger dogs(we go sometimes twice a day for at least 45mins each time), doesn't make a mess inside, has not howled since the initial night. I am concerned about a few things though. My place is a central hub for my friend group and many people go in and out. She was doing very well getting used to this and would explore when not too many people were looking and would even occasionally come up to people, but the last two days she has been terrified. Even of myself she is very hesitant and retreats when I approach. I've been talking to her and slowing my approach but she just seems very very scared all over again. Any help would be great. The other concern is over her diet. I made the transition from wet food to dry food and she is not taking to it very well. She is not eating much of it. Should I go back to wet food until she is comfortable with the surroundings? I'm pretty sure she is a puppy mill pup and for a little background for he first week she was absolutely terrified of EVERYTHING but as stated she's doing much better. Any help would be great :) She's my first puppy :)
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