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Puppy Mill?
  • Hello! So, I was trying to find a shiba puppy and came across this website. (Link is at bottom) I've been warned of puppy mills but, still want to be on the safe side and ask all of you members out there. He doesn't look like he's hurt, so is it safe? You can take a look at him and his brother. I'm not choosing the female because we wanted a male. I saw some comments on these types of things and said pet stores are usually puppy mills, And where these dogs are at is a pet store so I'm very concerned. what should I do???? Please help!!!! :((

    Link: [store advertising link removed in accordance with forum rules ~mod.]
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  • koyukikoyuki
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    RUN AWAY. DO NOT EVER BUY A DOG/PUPPY from a pet store. Just dont do it- there is no grey area, its completely black and white.
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  • Okay, got it, I was feeling weird when I saw it, Thank you! :)
  • Kobe1468Kobe1468
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    Hoping this thread will be closed sooner than later!

    So many members here have done excellent work to promote mill awareness. Great threads already exist, and I really hate seeing such transgression.

    Please don't buy from pet stores, and really do your research when buying online. I know finding a breeder online is the easy/quick way to ownership, but it's also another path to mill dogs.

    Unless you are actually on a specific breeders website, I would shy away. Typically, reputable breeders don't advertise. Their dogs are in demand and advertise via a waiting list.

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  • sunyatasunyata
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    @LuckyShiba100 - As has been discussed before, topics such as this should be discussed in the appropriate threads.

    Others have already advised, but no reputable breeder will sell to a pet store.

    Feel free to continue this discussion in the appropriate thread if you desire.
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