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The shiba that got me addicted is in a shelter....
  • After meeting Sasha, (or as I jokingly called her for almost a year Nazi-puppy), I knew I wanted a shiba.

    As I mentioned in my intro to the forum, Sasha has issues: doesn't like lots of strangers. If she doesn't know you, she doesn't want to be pet, and she is VERY food possessive. She will growl at you with anger if you disrupt her when she is eating.

    For almost a year, whenever I went to my friend's place, I told him to keep sasha away. She is in my entire life the only dog who has tried to bite me. (I used to to door to door sales in college... I've met countless dogs, including guard dogs, all of whom liked/tolerated me). Despite her hatred of me, I would still take her for ultra long walks which she thoroughly enjoyed. One day, I was sitting on the couch and she jumped up next to me. She gave me a long hard look and then jumped on my lap and gave me kisses until she couldn't move. Now, when I see her. Its all belly rubs and affection.

    My friend had to give her up as he moved back in with his dad (who if he had his druthers would simply drop sasha off at the side of the road). My friend is hoping to get back on his feet and get a place of his own to get her back, but she is in a shelter.

    Given her "tendencies", I am not sure she will get adopted. I just want to find a good home for her. I considered fostering her but that may be dangerous. I considered leaving banjo with a neighbor and fostering sasha, but I can't bring myself to displace my best friend.

    I live in Northern NJ. I will be reaching out to NYC Shiba Rescue. Does anyone have any suggestions or resources?

    Moderators, I am SO SORRY if this belongs somewhere else.
  • This is a good place for this. I'm so sorry to hear this, esp. that she is in the shelter. I hope that you can get her into rescue. Yes contact NYC rescue. Also contact Shiba Rescue of Ocean County, run by Mitch and Robert Fuchs. Even if they may be able to help directly (they are in NJ, and I'm not sure what part of NJ) get you in contact with someone who might be able to pull her. Also, if you're on Facebook, the group Shibaholics has a lot of people who are active in rescue on it, and they've been able to get dogs pulled from shelters on occasion. Or if you're not, if you post a link to her shelter profile (if she has one) I could post it on Shibaholics for you. There is, luckily, a fairly active rescue community in your region who I hope will be able to help if they are not totally overloaded right now.

    Also, you might also consider fostering her, if you could, but perhaps with her crated? Does she get along with Banjo at all or would it be too much? Even if she had to be crated more than you would like, she would still be better off like that than in the shelter. But only you know if that would be possible for you know or not.

    And an fyi, some rescues, most rescues, can't take in dogs with a biting history. However, I've learned through someone I was trying to help place some Shibas, that many groups are used to dealing with resource guarding/food aggression and are not that worried about that, so if that's her main issue, she still has a chance of getting into a rescue that can help.

    I hope you're able to get her out of the shelter!

  • I believe that Ocean County shiba rescue is central/southern NJ but they have a pretty far reach. I second the suggestion on Shibaholics. They are very active in the tri-state area and very passionate. A bunch of them even made the trip out to NIPPO last year just as spectators.

    As for resource guarding, how bad is it? Will she randomly attack if you are in the room or just if you are approaching. If it is the latter, I think it is workable if you don't mind crating and doing some management. Many dogs do not like being disrupted while they eat, and most people in a multi dog household will feed separately anyway. How likely is it that your friend will be able to reclaim her?
  • If you are approaching, she will turn and growl at you and make it very clear you are not welcome.

    He free fed her so you really can't go near the bowl without her making it clear you are making her unhappy.

    I don't know how likely it is my friend can get her back. He is looking for work, but I don't know what the time frame is.

    If I take her in, her and Banjo will fight. Banjo doesn't have a mean bone in his body, and Sasha is... selective about her friends to say the least. I can't risk it.

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  • I understand. You can only do what you can do. Contact the rescues and see if they can help.
  • AntoinetteAntoinette
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    @Banjo-I contacted the guy I told you about where I work and he was not interested in in having Sasha. I agree that your first loyalty is to Banjo. I would feel the same way about Quake.
  • @banjothebetadog - your decision totally makes sense. Fortunately, it sounds like her resource guarding is one that should be manageable with a dedicated and educated person (be it a foster or a permanent new home) and one that doesn't require a behaviorist visit. Have you reached out to the rescue organizations and Shibaholics yet?
  • I called the shelter she is at and explained the situation. They "get it" and have a foster lined up who thinks she can handle her (her german shepard was similar). I told them I'll pay all the costs associated with her and they said before anything happens they'll call me and the owner.

    I think its a good solution, albeit temporary. The foster is on vacation until Labor day =(

    I am also pulling some strings to get my buddy a job that includes a signing bonus so he can move out immediately. Its somewhat tough though because he isn't the most qualified for some of the places I have connections at.
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    Wow, sounds like you've got all your bases covered! I totally understand, I would do the same if the dog that inspired me to get Kira was in the same situation. Keep us posted on Sasha, I hope everything works out.
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  • Yes keep us posted, and kudos to you for doing so much to help this dog.
  • koyukikoyuki
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    Good work mate! I hope it all works out for Sasha, and your friend. :-)
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    @Banjo, what happened with Sasha? Is she back with your buddy, still with the foster, or in a new furever home?
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  • Sadly, Sasha was adopted. I know she is a difficult dog, so I hope she is in a good home and that her new owners join the forum so I can take her for a final walk =(

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