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My boy Blaze, too funny!
  • I'm not exactly sure where to post this but it's too funny not to share!
    My husband, daughter, and I just got back from taking our Shiba, Blaze, out for his first official walk and it was just to funny. We live in a small farming town in Iowa and were walking down the street when we pasted by a house party/cook-out. There were a bunch of people there, both adults and kids. As we were pasting I heard someone say "Hey, how did you get that fox to walk on a leash?" I almost started laughing. We went over and told them he wasn't a fox he is a dog. The confused looks on their faces was too funny, none of them had ever seen or heard of a Shiba Inu before. We have a lot of foxes in the area so I can see where they would get confused. It was fun introducing some new people to the breed (and a good socializing experience for our Blaze). Needless to say it was a pretty fun walk. :)
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