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Testy at Three Years Old?
  • AntoinetteAntoinette
    Posts: 887
    Quake will have his third birthday on August 22. Lately he has been getting a little more stubborn and testy such as listening to me less, wanting to control walks more, and in addition escaping into the condo hallway when I open the door to go out. He also has been standing there and refusing to move when he doesn't want to go in a particular direction on walks. Also, he has been getting demanding and barking at me if I don't give him his treat quickly enough after he finishes his meal. I had to put him on a two minute time out this morning when he got to barking at me and even growled. I did not give him any treat until calmed down and was nice and sat for me. He was behaving demanding like that yesterday afternoon too. He is also being more independent and is not hanging around me as much as he used to when we are at home. I wonder if it's just an independent phase he's going through?
  • omgtainomgtain
    Posts: 68
    Are you still working with him on a daily basis?
    I'd take things back to basics, keep things to simple sits and downs, act like he doesn't know any of these behaviors and reinforce good manners. If he is barking at you for a treat, wait for a few seconds of quiet before giving it to him. If he is persistent, then walk away.

    I don't think its a phase. It sounds like a matured spoiled Shiba.
  • AntoinetteAntoinette
    Posts: 887
    @omgtain-I am still working with him on a daily basis. I will continue positively reinforcing good behavior. You are right that he is behaving in a spoiled manner.
  • AntoinetteAntoinette
    Posts: 887
    @omgtain-Thanks again. I took your advice and my Shiba Quake is behaving well again. I continue positively reinforcing good behavior and using time out or walking away if he acts demanding. All in all he's back to being adorable.
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