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Puppy fearful of collar and harness?
  • SerisuSerisu
    Posts: 4
    When I first got Hamlet, he was fine with his harness and I could put it on/take it off easily. Now, he tries to get away from me if he sees me with them. He screams when I put them on him, but he's fine after I'm done touching. Unless I go to touch the collar or harness again, he's fine. But I can't even put a leash on without him freaking out! He hasn't had any negative experiences with wearing a collar, a harness, or being put on a leash! It came about suddenly, but I'm not sure what to do!
  • jennjenn
    Posts: 856
    How old is he? Sounds like typical puppy behavior to me. Just be consistent with it, and offer rewards for obliging.
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  • SerisuSerisu
    Posts: 4
    He's 13 weeks now! I'll make sure in giving him yummy treats whenever I mess with his collar and harness, then! I was giving him some, but they weren't too high value. Thank you!
  • sunyatasunyata
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    There are loads of threads on this exact topic already on the forum. Remember to please search the forum for existing threads and answers to your questions before posting a new thread. Read through the existing threads and if you still have questions or comments, feel free to post them in the most relevant thread. :)

    Here is a link to get you started on your reading:
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