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Any Shibas in South Carolina
  • Any shibas in South Carolina that would like to meet up and have a play date?

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  • I live in Charleston (Mount Pleasant). Loki gets his final shots august 13th (he's 12 weeks), so until then it would have to be indoors.
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  • I really would love to meet for a Shiba play date when Kobe finishes all his shots if yall are still active on this forum or if there are any more here in Sc please let me know
  • ekaseyekasey
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    We are in Charlotte, NC with two
  • I'm about 2 hours from Charlotte which isn't that bad. How old are they? Just wondering :)
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  • I live in Columbia SC if anyone is nearby and wants to have a playdate
  • I'm only 45 minutes from Columbia

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