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Very scary moment today thought i lost my puppy forever!
  • thecody59thecody59
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    Hi guys just wanted to share with you another very scary experience i had with Riko just a few minutes ago I went to give Riko a walk i have a couple different leashes i grabbed my backup today but never again it is a petsmart on that separates in two and claps together my other one is a very strong one that can't come undone. Riko still likes to pull and he pulled right out of the leash and the claps came undone. I chased him for awhile until i lost him around a corner i ran everywhere but he was gone so i ran home to get my mom to help look lucky i very nice couple found him and cornered him into a fenced house until we got him. it was very scary i thought i would lose my best friend forever never again i am throwing this trash leash away and am buying a gps tracker in case he get's loose i can find him we live next to some very busy highways and he could easily die.
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