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My best friend is suddenly scared of me
  • hanaluluhanalulu
    Posts: 195
    My Shiba, Evie, who is literally my best friend in the world, recently became scared of me. She is 5.5 years old and has been a part of the family since she was a puppy. I have always been her person, she has always been very loving, and she has always loved laying next to me.

    Last Friday, my friends dropped off their Shiba for us to watch through Monday. These friends were my roommates for a year about 3.5 years ago and our pups were the best of friends. Since Evie has become the only dog of the house, she has shown increased jealousy when we watch Mika, but no signs of aggression. She will usually come up and put her face in yours if you happen to be petting Mika instead of her and requests more attention than usual. Saturday night, my boyfriend and I were watching animal planet - a couple of shows about unusual animal friends - and we were being extremely goofy and doing animal imitations. I made the (what I realize now) very poor decision to turn to him and hiss like a cat. Evie happened to be on the other side of him and her tail went down, her eyes got big, and she immediately jumped off the bed and hid underneath it.

    I thought maybe she was being extra sensitive because Mika was staying at our house, but so far, no improvement. Evie is fine if I feed her and walk her. Will accept treats from me for the most part, but will either hide under the bed or refuse to be in the same room as me. A little background - about a month ago, she decided to become terrified of bubblegum. She doesn't like the bubbles. So now I have two strikes against me that include my mouth/teeth. I literally do not know what to do and my heart feels like it's breaking because she is so scared to be around me. I want my best friend status back and I'm not sure how to earn her trust back. I also would like to try to show her that my mouth/teeth are not scary. She sees a smile, and she books it. Evie doesn't typically exhibit much fear - she is scared when I get scared of spiders (I shriek), scared of fireworks to an extent, and that's about it. I don't believe in negative reinforcement/punishment.

    Any help would be much appreciated. I feel like a complete idiot. :(
  • jennjenn
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  • Jada423Jada423
    Posts: 10
    Has she ever had a bad experience with a cat before? Seems very odd for her to get scared by something like that.
  • RikkaRikka
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  • hanaluluhanalulu
    Posts: 195
    Nope - she gets hissed at by my parents cat alllll the time and it never phases her. I will bring her to the vet to see if anything is wrong or if she is in any pain. Thank you!

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