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took Comfortis last night, went super-hyper amd now will hardly wake up (17 weeks old).
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    We got out boy Tanuki last weekend at 16 weeks old. He has been doing well. His energy had been puppy-like and high, mixed with mellower and calm recovery periods in between play.

    We took him to the vet yesterday for a checkout for puppy school. The vet gave him Comfortis for flea prevention. He got the appropriate dose for 10-20 lbs (he's 14 lbs).

    Soon after he took it (an hour later maybe), he went into an abnormal hyper state, for an hour or two. He was really crazy, not just hyper. It was like he was his high energy puppy self on caffeine or speed. Then when he calmed down, he crashed hard about 11PM.

    He slept all last night, When we went out to pee in the middle of the night, he didn't want pee. He just laid down on the ground and wanted to sleep.

    It is now 6AM and he still doesn't want to move much. If I try to get him going, he just goes back to curling up and sleeping. He doesn't want to pee or even walk. He wants to sleep.

    This is my first experience with an oral flea med. The last time I had a pet with fleas was when my cat was young over 15 years ago. Back then I used some kind of topical drop on her shoulders for fleas.

    He doesn't even have fleas, it was for prevention at this time.

    I won't be using it again. I feel terrible for him, and for giving it to him :(

    Have others seen this type of reaction?
    I will call my vet when they open.
    Any other suggestions?


    ----update two hours later----
    Tanuki finally woke up and ran around the yard. He had a good 45 minutes of active time (with a Shiba 500 session) and is now napping. I'm glad he is doing better, but I will still call the vet to report his reaction and am unlikely to give him Comfortis again. I will see how he does today. I found out my Aunt's bulldog would sleep the entire day after his flea pill.
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  • Thanks for the post! Def won't be giving Banjo that!!
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    We have several threads about Comfortis and possible side effects. This is one of them:

    Meanwhile, I would recommend filling out an adverse drug reaction form with your vet.

    Since this conversation is fairly extensive in that other thread linked above, I'm going to go ahead and close this one. Feel free to copy/paste and continue the conversation there!

    Another thread you may want to look at:
    Bowdu 寶肚 (Shiba) and Bowpi 寶媲 (Basenji) with M.C.
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