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Biting us (owners) only - 13 week puppy
  • KeikoKeiko
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    Anyone have issues with this? Our 13 week puppy Keiko is great with strangers, other dogs, and even children, licks for everyone, and we are very happy with her progress. However, when it comes to my wife and I, she bites a lot. I have a feeling this is due to a pack mentality, and testing the "hierarchy" of our family. We are consistant with redirecting her to chews/toys, and even use "time out" if it gets bad. I understand shes a puppy and is teething. However, I would just like to know this is somewhat normal and the pack mentality is driving this, and any suggestions would be great. Thanks

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  • sunyatasunyata
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    @Keiko - Please remember to search the forum to answers to questions or for previous topics before posting a new thread. Chances are, the topic has already been discussed (multiple times). For this particular issue, check out the "Common Puppy Woes" section. There are TONS of threads about bitey puppies. (This is quite common amongst all puppies, but especially so in Shibas.)

    Once you read through the previous posts, if you still have questions/comments, feel free to pick the most relevant thread and post them there. This helps keep the forum neater and helps other members when they have similar issues.
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