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Lazy to walk
  • takumi2takumi2
    Posts: 89
    I have 6 month old male shiba inu, Takumi. He's been lazy to go for a walk lately. It's been raining a lot in the last couple of days in Miami, where I live. So it might be understandable?? Anyway even on sunny days, he's been hesitating to go outside. He stops often when I walk him. When that happens, I pull the leash a bit to the direction I want to walk a few times and release it, wait a few seconds and pull him harder to make him walk more. He tends to pee and poop on the concrete area, not on the grass lately also. I sometimes have to pick him up and put him to the grass area and make him do his business. Did anyone here ever have the same problem? Give me some advise......
  • RomiRomi
    Posts: 2722
    Is it possible that Takumi is going through a fear stage? Does he tense up or look scared of his surroundings? Im not sure about the pooping and peeing on the concrete, however my boxer almost always pee's on the concrete part of our yard, but still poops on the grass. Our Shiba has just started peeing on the concrete recently too. Not sure why.
  • StaticNfuzzStaticNfuzz
    Posts: 1814
    First a few questions: Is he fully house trained in your home or is he having accidents on hard surfaces in the house? I am making the assumption you are not punishing Takumi if has accidents right? He is not trained to a litter box or papers and you only take him to eliminate out side right?

    Puppies go through a fear period at different times in their development. Sounds like he is going through one now. It might be a good idea to get him to a training center if you have not done that yet to get him over the social set back. If you have classes you are attending with you pup, keep going and talk to the instructor to help you get through.

    Depending on the variety of grass, the blades are different and some are very harsh on the paws, particularly if it is in mid season growth tough and mowed low.

    I would reward the dog with treats for following you with also for eliminating and particularly eliminating in the right spot. Never scold a dog if it poops in the wrong spot just pick the mess and try to get him in the grass even if it means you have to walk in the grass too. You may have to take some steps back in the potty training in order to move forward. If he has a "poopie" spot that he has gone on before in the grass take him back to the area so he remembers where it is best to go. Intially, this may entail that you move the poop from the sidewalk to the grassy spot you want him to go to.

    Here are some links that has some good info:
    (Drill down to the Behavior faq's on the left and then go to House Training link)

    Hope this helps.
  • brandon_wbrandon_w
    Posts: 3433
    You live in Miami, and it is June. If you are walking him in the afternoon, in the sun, he probably thinks it's too freaking hot out. Take longer walks in the early morning and evening when the sun is not so high in the sky and the temp dips a little, well if it ever dips in Miami.

    He might just want back in the AC.
  • takumi2takumi2
    Posts: 89
    Thanks for all the replies!

    Going through a fear stage....maybe. I also notice he growls a bit when I try to comb him (he's been having a flea problem.), which did not happen before.??Other than that, I do not see anything like tense up or looking scared of his surroundings, as Romi indicated.

    In response to StaticNfuzz, Takumi still pees in the house (no poops). But he always does it at the same spot in the house. I put newspaper on that spot (I tried to use training pads instead of newspaper, but never worked.....). What I am trying to do now is making him learn to hold. I put him in crate when I am not home and he does not pee in the crate. But once he is out of crate he pees on the newspaper, probably every 2-3 hrs. I never scolded him when he does, though. Maybe I still keep on doing this and he will eventually learn to hold his pee longer...??

    Thanks for the links, too. I will read them!!
  • tsukitsunetsukitsune
    Posts: 6468
    Everyone made super points, so all I can really add is that some Shibas hate the rain, my male will put up a fit and stop walking if it rains. We have overcome by making him sit where he is, vocally rewarding the sit, then hold a treat and say "Kitsune, Walk" and when he gets up and steps we treat him. The first time we got caught in the rain, we did this several times!!

    Also, along what Brandon said, Shibas have their double coat making hit weather double hot for them, especially humidity. We have to wake up an hour earlier during summer weather to walk them before the hot starts, then we wait until evening to walk them again - but we take them into the yard in between, but during the day we don't push walking.

    I hope Takumi gives you an easier time soon!
  • StaticNfuzzStaticNfuzz
    Posts: 1814
    Hummm it sounds like he is getting habituated to peeing on the paper instead of letting you know he has to go outside. At 6 months he should be able to hold his pee for about 6 hrs. unless he has some sort of bladder infection. If he is not neutered yet he may be starting to mark.... In that case consider getting neutered.

    You might want to try to go back one step a bit on potty training too and put yourself on a timer as a reminder to take him potty to make sure he gets out every couple of hrs for sure. It's so easy to forget if we humans get distracted with computer work or t.v. etc. In between use a belly band while he roams free in the house so he gets he concept not to pee on the corner or wall. I would really clean the spot too so that is has less scent.

    Make sure to reward him for telling you he has to go and get him out the door quick. I think some other folks on the list use a bell on the door handle so the dog can begin to tell you when has to go. (Of course take the belly band off once you get outside or when the dog is in the crate while you are away) Once he gets a better concept on indoor behavior then you can reduce the use of the band. Here is a link to the product.

    Hope this helps
  • takumi2takumi2
    Posts: 89
    Thanks tsukitune. Living in Miami where it is very hot and humid in summer, Takumi knows he does not want to go outside during the day, and neither do I. It's been raining a lot in Miami last couple of days. Takumi and I both need some more excersies lol. Btw, how is your new shiba, Hachi Mitsu doing?

    And thanks for another comment, StaticNfuzz!
    Takumi has been neutered already. He has been in crate for about 8hrs beore and did not soil. The problem is once he is outside the crate, he does not hold his pee. I will consider using belly band as you suggested.
    Dogs ring a bell when they want to go outside....what a wonderful idea. I should train Takumi to do the same someday, too.
  • tsukitsunetsukitsune
    Posts: 6468
    Takumi2 - our dogs (well, all but Hachi) are bell trained too, sometimes they do it just to go outside, but mostly they do it to do their business. It works wonderfully! Especially when younger dogs can't hold it as long as adult dogs, it lets you know!
    You can also try making the going outside part an incentive for reward - for a while Tsuki was #2-ing w/o ringing the bell, but she would to pee, so we starting giving her treats after she 'twosied" outside and it was only a matter of time before it was habit for her. Shibas are smart - use it to your advantage!!

    Hachi is doing well, really well actually. She has found her forever home with us and is officially a part of our pack!
    I started a Tsuki/Kitsune/Hachi picture thread on the forum..
    Thanks for asking!
  • takumi2takumi2
    Posts: 89
    Wow...How did you train them to ring a bell? Is that something I can buy at petstore?

    Takumi has some isuues such as play bite and jumping on people. As you mentioned, shabas are smart dogs. He will learn soon, I hope..
  • tsukitsunetsukitsune
    Posts: 6468
    the easiest way I could explain bell training is put the bell on a rope around the door you primarily use to enter and exit for bathroom time, hang the bell low enough for Takumi to be able to reach it with his nose with ease.

    Whenever you go outside for potty time, get down to his level, and ring the bell, make a big deal about it, I would give Tsuki and Kitsune a treat when I hit the bell the first couple times, then go outside normally.
    I can't really say how or why, someone else probably will have better advice, but after a little while, Kitsune picked it right up, then Tsuki a week or so later. We were just sitting in the living room and heard the bell - I was SO EXCITED!!

    I had a bell left over from our christmas tree decorations, took the ornament hook off and looped a shoe lace around the bell loop and the door handle. Painless and cheap!

    For play bite, I put my hand into a fist and say NO BITE, it worked in our house! but Tsuki will occasionally try on extended fingers, but she's good when you make the fist.
  • takumi2takumi2
    Posts: 89
    Thanks tsukitsune!
    I just installed the bell at the door. Let's see if Takumi can do the trick.
    BTW, I would like to ask you this question, since you are very good at what to feed dogs. Takumi seems to love dried pig ears that are sold at pet stores for treats. They last long to kill times and they are cheap. But I am just wondering if they are ok for dogs to eat. Please advise if you know anything.
  • tsukitsunetsukitsune
    Posts: 6468
    You are going to hear a split opinion about rawhide and pigs ears.. my mom's dog is 13 years old and loves pigs ears, always has, probably always will! I give my dogs rawhide until last year the company we buy them from recalled them and their pigs ears for possible salmonella.
    I buy veggie rawhides now (sweet potato) and for the bones, I use raw meaty soup bones, like beef shank bones from the meat dept in a grocery store. Since you only have Takumi, you won't have to worry about snarkiness that raw bones seem to create, and trust me - those bones take our dogs a good hour or longer to get through!
    They are much more safe (if you freeze them for at least 3+ hours prior to giving them - never cook them) quality wise than pigs ears. The ears are always a gamble because you never know where they came from and what elements they were exposed to before giving them to the dog.
    But again, its up to you and what works for your dog!!
    Maybe you can try the raw meaty bones, they are really cheap, I pay like $2 for a pack of 3 beef shank bones from the grocer. You might be pleasantly surprised by how much Takumi craves them, how long they take to get through and how nice his teeth will look!! Plus, when he gets all the raw meat and marrow off, you have yourself a nice bone to just gnaw on.

    I hope that helps!!

    These are the rawhides:
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  • takumi2takumi2
    Posts: 89
    Thank you for the great info, tsukitsune!
    Vegie rawhide sounds good too. Speaking of meaty soup bones, do you mean give them RAW?? Don't I have to worry about possible bacteria?? Well, I am a Japanese. We eat raw fish all the time (sashimi) and also some beef. So what am I worrying about, right? lol
    Right now, behind me, Takumi is having a good time chewing pig ear......
  • tsukitsunetsukitsune
    Posts: 6468
    they are a part of a RAW diet but if you freeze them throughout before giving them to the dog, that should eliminate a majority of the bacteria, if not all. I really don't know the science behind it, but I've been giving my resident and foster dogs raw frozen bones for some time and have not had any issues, in fact, I have only seen benefits. Just think about what your dog could be eating had he not been domesticated!

    You will also want to make sure they are a good quality bone from the grocer. I know around here, one grocery store, a local store, is excellent with their meat quality, they are always fresh, within the date, have no discoloration (white bone, red meat and marrow) and their bones never smell. However, another grocer (actually a chain grocer) has horrible quality bones, they are blueish or have brown marrow and they smell bad even after they are frozen. I threw those bones right out.

    Also, I give them a whole raw carrot, which takes a good 20mins or so to chomp down, once a day and creates great breath and clean teeth and its a good nutrient! Or I give them strawberries, bluberries, zucchini, squash flesh.. just never grapes!
    And along the lines of raw fish, I don't exactly give raw, but I do give the dogs salmon, like packaged salmon from the grocery store, with their meals. I also give them plain yogurt to help digestion.

    You can do some internet research on RAW foods for the dog, or BARF diet basics (I don't adhere to that diet entirely), there are threads on the forum about RAW diets, there are great books you can buy and ask your vet - usually they will have some literature or advice, that is if they don't get a commission for trying to push science diet food down your throat!

    mmm... sashimi... I think I need to go to our local Japanese restaurant, Kyoto, for some food tonite! mmm..
  • jakkiharejakkihare
    Posts: 74
    Nice you live in Miami...been there a few times on holiday, i love the place its so nice compaired the the weather here in Scotland brrrr...Yeah just make sure you get your little one outside for the toilet every few hours and especially after meals they tend to go rather quik after meals...My little Leo is coming on great only had a few accidents in the house but he has grasped doing his business outside pretty well he isn't even 3 months yet.I thought my shiba was going to be a stubborn little mink but he is actualy very good, so bright and he listens to me..He hates my boyfriend he is very scared of him but he is going to have to get used to it im sure he wil learn.. good luck with your baby things will always work out!!
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  • takumi2takumi2
    Posts: 89
    Thanks for the detailed info. I also give takumi carrots, other veggies and fruits every day. He loves them. I will try to give him raw meaty soup bones some day. Looking at other threads in this forum as you mentioned, I am surpried so many people give their dogs raw foods. BTW, I would have to thaw the bones before giving them to dogs, right?
    Even though we love sashimi, I would avoid give it to takumi.....keep it to OUR

    Thanks for the comment, jakkhare. Housebroken at the age of 3 month old. That's wonderful!! Takumi is in training now and hope he will learn soon.
  • tsukitsunetsukitsune
    Posts: 6468
    I give it to my dogs right out of the freezer, it takes them even longer to get through the bone!

    And I'm with you, I'm not sharing my sashimi!! :)
  • I want Sashimi....
  • ljowen123ljowen123
    Posts: 3105
    Dave - aren't Lucy & Joey enough?
    LJ - owned by Queen Jazz, a Shiba Inu, Atlanta, GA
  • Not to eat. :-P
  • jakkiharejakkihare
    Posts: 74
    :) also don't forget praise and treats when he does a wee outside, and if he has an accident in the house zip up and clean up as if nothing is wrong..good luck :)
  • takumi2takumi2
    Posts: 89
    Thanks, jakkihare :-)
  • Akira InuAkira Inu
    Posts: 19
    I used the bell with Akira right from the beginning. I never taught him about it just hung it on the door (also a left over Christmas decoration). He picked up up on it real quick and started ringing it whenever he wanted out.

    Akira eats the veggie rawhides in less than a minute... :(

    I give him Rawhides quite a bit he is a very aggressive chewer. I gave him the Raw bones before and he really likes them but then my wife scared me about the bacteria. Also Akira tends to bury his chews and treats in the sofa which is gross if it is a slimy bone. How long do you let your dogs keep the bone?
  • tsukitsunetsukitsune
    Posts: 6468
    the raw bones - my dogs will not leave their bone unattended until they have cleaned it very good, or they will exchange bones with one another and finish the other dog's bone clean. They leave no cartilage or marrow on the bone, so I let them have it for a few days then toss it when they lose interest or get snarky.
  • Akira InuAkira Inu
    Posts: 19
    i will try it again he really enjoyed ir my wife did not like it thought it was a little too RAW....

    Akira can be odd with treats and chews if he really likes something he has a tendency to "bury it" in the sofa or his crate for later. Later can be as long as a couple days or until i find it and throw on the floor again...
  • RooneyRooney
    Posts: 143
    @tsukitsune I got Rooney a raw soup bone like you suggested in this thread and he LOVES it! The only negative is that he likes it a little too much. I've had to take it away several times because it's causing some guarding issues due to the cat wanting to eat it too. I had to take it away for a bit because of that, which was really funny because he then ran all around the kitchen frantically searching for it. I returned it to the cat first and let him lick it for a while without letting Rooney touch it. After a few rounds of that, he's doing better about not growling or snipping at the cat. Mind you, this cat is very food oriented and will/has stuck his paw in Rooney's dish trying to steal wet dog food treats with no negative reaction from Rooney. Apparently, the soup bone is REALLY good.

    Still, despite the issue that cropped up with resource guarding, it was a very good treat idea. :) So long as he keeps sharing okay, I'll keep getting them for Rooney.
    Allison, Rooney's Mom
  • SayaSaya
    Posts: 6678
    Anything that is more valuable is more likely to be guarded. cooked meat, canned food, raw bones etc..

    They're more yummy then kibble. Bella is fine with kibble, but raw chicken or canned dog food she is more resource guard with it.

    This book might help you on it.

    Any high valued item I would not leave unattended in case something happens. or feed it in crate so cat is safe.

    Saya growled at my outdoor cat when he got close to her eating a beef tongue. I removed the cat and put him on the chair to hang.
    Nicole, 5year old Bella(Boxer), and 4year old Saya(Shiba inu)

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