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Eating issues (not eating, and coughing up stuff between meals) Also- teeth frailness?
  • AngelusAngelus
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    Sorry about the multi-issue. I didn't want to make 3 topics for this, so I hope this is alright.
    And to those who know my puppy blues issue I had a year ago, I would like to say I love that little turd now. That cat even kind of likes him now (though he tries to play it cool) haha.

    So anyway, my dog is in Oregon with my mom while I spend a month at my dad's in California. There are lots of other dogs there and so Fen doesn't like to eat. He only eats when my mom sits by him, from his Kong toy, or he tries to hide it. I am pretty sure this is just insecurity since the other dogs want his food. However, I'm wondering if there's a way to combat this?

    Next, sometimes after he eats or drinks a lot (he gets fed twice a day normally) he kinda coughs up a little clear stuff. However, my mom said he coughed up a little bile the other day, I guess since he's not eating well there. My mom put out his slow-feeding Kong toy, and he doesn't cough up bile, but then he wont eat his dinner very well. I've never had problems with him coughing up bile though or eating, so I'm thinking it's the other dogs (like I said before), but I don't know.

    Finally, he lost a canine around Christmas when a pug rammed into him. Went to vet, got it safely extracted, he's fine. He just slipped on the stairs a few days ago and knocked his chin on the stair, lost a lower incisor (right i2) and chipped the one beside it (i3). We contacted the breeder and she said she had never had any teeth frailty in her lines, because dogs hit stuff all the time without losing teeth, so that he keeps losing teeth is not great. Though the vet said before the canine was broken from impact.

    Anyone have any advice or experience with any of this? He is going to the vet tomorrow (for his teeth, will ask about eating/bile issue), but would still be nice to have some other information from fellow Shiba owners if anyone has experienced any of this. I think my mom is just bad luck, only time my pets go to the vet is when she watches them (though from accidents, not bad pet-care or being irresponsible). I would rather my dog not lose anymore teeth... And that he ate well and wasn't coughing up stuff.

    Thanks everyone!
  • jennjenn
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    Coughing up water after drinking a lot is normal. I would say the bile is normal as well, if he's hungry and has an empty stomach. Rigby has done this a handful of times, and normally occurred around the time when he was going through growth spurts and so was hungrier/needed more calories than normal.
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  • AngelusAngelus
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    Yeah I figured it was okay, cuz he drinks water really fast after a long walk (I give him water on the walk but he doesn't really drink it since he rather be walking more). And the eating thing has never happened at my house, but in Oregon with the other dogs he's not eating on his normal schedule.
  • koyukikoyuki
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    I would ask your mum to feed him seperated from the other dogs. Maybe even feed him in a crate in another room. Its not really fair or safe for him to be fed round other strange dogs anyway. You dont need him becoming fearful of dogs or food guard as a result of his experiences there.
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  • Kobe1468Kobe1468
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    Thinking he may be a bit stressed...different environment, you not there, other dogs around. A completely different routine.

    I might try and encourage him to drink water during longer walks. Just like in humans, it's not heathy to gulp down lots of water quickly, especially after a physical workout(long walk).

    I like koyuki's advice. May also help to get him back into a routine.
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