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I can have a shiba! Yay!
  • AddieThibAddieThib
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    Just going to keep this kinda short and sweet. The allergist said I could own a dog (I told him about the shedding of shiba inus) BUT I'd have to absolutely take precautions such as air purifiers, cleaning the house regularly, and things of that sort. I'm going to be taking some medication, nothing too major.
    And I double checked with my friend who owns a pomeranian and she said that she brings in a lot of pollen into her apartment, so I probably reacted badly because of that.
    Of course, my allergies to dogs have been varied, but in general they've gotten a LOT better. I've been spending time with my friends and their dogs, and my skin is adapting and no longer itches whenever they scratch me by accident. My eyes don't get red or anything. I can spend all day with them, and nothing happens :D

    I got some great HEPA air purifiers.
    Going to get a HEPA vacuum.
    Slowly accumulating doggy supplies. (Nesting) :P
    (Just to be clear: I understand that you shouldn't bathe shibas until it is necessary because it can damage their coat by removing the oils that make it waterproof; so that's not an option, but it's fine because their coat pretty much repels most dirt.)

    I also met up with a user on here and met her shiba (who was absolutely adorable). I'm keeping in contact with her for any questions.

    I don't think I'll be getting a shiba until around the end of this year though. But that's okay. Everything will be cozy and ready by that time.
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    @AddieThib - If you already have a thread on a specific topic (or if there is one existing on the forum already), PLEASE utilize the existing thread to post updates. It keeps the forum neater and helps people find information easily. (This has been pointed out to you before).

    I am closing this thread. Feel free to copy your post to your other allergy thread.
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