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We need to find a loving home for our Shiba--how?
  • kobigirlkobigirl
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    Not sure what board to put this under--I don't post regularly here.

    We have had our Shiba for three years. He is a great and is INCREDIBLE with our two small little girls. They can ride on him, pull his tail, and rough house with them and he is nothing but loving and gentle. WE LOVE HIM.

    However, we need to find a new home for him. With two small children and us both working full time, we can't give him the attention he needs. Also, as you know how many Shibas can be, he is a bit aloof and does not do well with commotion. We have really struggled with him barking at neighbor's dogs and having bad anxiety when other children come over for playdates and parties. He needs special care and love, lots of exercise, and someone who can take the time to cater to his needs.

    I do not want to give him to just anybody. I want someone who understands the breed and can live with him accordingly.

    Any tips? He is 6-years old, we are in the Seattle (ish) area.
  • shibamistressshibamistress
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    While it is good to post here, as perhaps someone looking for a Shiba will contact you, you should also be contacting your local Shiba rescue groups. There are some in the Pacific Northwest, so contact them as well!
  • jennjenn
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    I would suggest contacting NW Shibas for Life (, and @lindsayt is Pam still doing Shiba rescue for SPDR?

    ETA: I see you adopted him, nevermind about contacting your breeder! :P
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  • Join the Seattle Shiba Inu Meetup. You can post your information about your guy on the message board (I think). (You will need to check the message board to see if the Meetup organizer has placed any restrictions on using the Meetup to "rehome" dogs.)
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