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Male Shiba, Stark, in Atlanta Georgia - 1 yr old
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    Sharing this from reddit

    My name is David. I live in Atlanta, Ga. and my buddy Stark needs a new home. I originally moved here to Georgia into a nice big house with a nice big yard. I thought this was the perfect time in my life to get a dog. A year ago I saved this little dude from a pet store. He had the Parvo virus and a bad case of the kennel cough. But he got healthy and we had a great time. He is the smartest dog I have ever had, with an amazing sense of character. Unfortunately, my job has changed and I am no longer able to spend the same amount of time as I originally had spent with Stark. And on top of that, my wife and I am having to move from our house with the big yard to a smaller apartment. As of now we are staying at her parents and he does well in an apartment set up, but with my schedule changing I'm not able to give him the life I wanted. I would love if one of you shiba lovers would consider adding another dog to your pack or just help spreading the word in case you know someone who may be looking. I'll answer any questions you guys have about this awesome dude. He is fixed. He is cat and dog friendly. He is house trained. Walks well with a leash and harness. Has all of his shots and vaccines. Also he is chipped.

    when he was a puppy

    now a year old
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    @kalico - I know you are now involved in a Doberman rescue, thought you'd be interested in this.
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